happy third birthday beautiful girl

And just like that,
in what feels like the blink of an eye,
our baby girl is three.

While you were still two
it felt like we could cling onto the last of those baby days,
but really, in actual fact, you left those behind some time ago now.
You are 100% a little girl.
And you have completely blossomed this past year,
in ways I knew you would
and in ways I didn't expect.

You are still the cuddliest, most affectionate little thing, 
who can always stop whatever you're doing to have some snuggle time.
But you have also gained so much independence over the last year,
you have dropped so much of your clingy nature
and you are so brave and friendly in new situations,
with a happy little approach to everything that gets thrown your way.

You are oh-so-caring,
and seem to want to love and nurture everything in sight,
but you are also our total little wild thing.
Right from when you were a baby,
we knew that you were going to march to your own drum;
and we weren't wrong.
You are so happy to be doing your own thing,
you dance to your own beat,
and you make it all up as you go along.
And we wouldn't have your free spirit any other way.

Not a day goes by where we don't laugh at something you have done or said,
and you love nothing better than pulling a cheeky grin
when you know you've done something to make us smile. 

You are messy,
you are creative,
you are super sharp and don't miss a trick,
you are silly,
you completely know your own mind,
you are our little sunshine,
you are more than a little bit chaotic,
but loving you is just the greatest adventure ever.

I love you so much,
my beautiful little girl.
And I feel so grateful and happy every single day,
that I get to be your mummy,
and that you get to be my girl.
Happy third birthday.

x x x

(Here are her first and second birthday letters... can't believe how much she's changed.)


  1. Love this Lucy, she sounds like such a fun little girl. Happy Birthday BG! xxx

  2. Ahhh Lucy what a gorgeous loving post and she is full of life, love, happiness, exploring and fun. I love it and you really can see her personality coming through her facial expressions and the things she loves. So beautiful. Happy birthday princess!!! I hope it was magical.

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! It always seems to go so quickly when I see other blogger's children's birthdays. It's strange when you can remember their baby announcement and then see them as a gorgeous little person, hope she has a lovely day xx

  4. She looks like you AND like her brother here. Gorgeous. Wow those 3 years have gone VERY fast indeed. Can't quite believe it.
    Happy Birthday lil lady xx

  5. What a beautiful little girl! She sounds amazing. Happy birthday BG x

  6. Aw Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! I can't believe she is three. I hope you all had a great day together. xx

  7. Aww Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! You've got an awesome day for a birthday. Kitty says "Happy Birthday I hope you're having a fun birthday!" For your sake I hope she's asleep, unlike little miss too excited over here!!

  8. What a gorgeous letter to your lovely little lady. Three! I think she was just a few months old when I first started reading your blog! Crazy! Time flies!!

  9. Oh the happiest of (belated) birthdays Beautiful Girl! She's looking so grown up all of a sudden! We hope she had a lovely day :)

  10. Happy Birthday BG! She is looking so grown up in your recent pictures - a real three year old!

  11. Hi, Happy Birthday to your little girl. She is very beautiful...I love the way you described her.. :)
    Naomi Appadoo

  12. I can't believe BG is THREE!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful day xx

  13. As a mum and photographer myself, I love reading your blog and enjoying seeing you all your lovely photographs. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday.

  14. It sounds like she was born to be a middle child as this could have been written about Archie.

    Happy birthday BG!

  15. Ah happy birthday 3rd Beautiful Girl. Hope you all had a great day. Lots of love H xxx


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