winter wonderland

The run up to Christmas is always a buzz of excitement
with parties and days outs
as well as shopping and preparations to do.
But I think it's nice in all the excitement to have special festive days,
where you can really allow yourself to just embrace the craziness of the season.

And we did that at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
We had a great day;
riding the underground,
browsing the stalls full of artisan gifts,
meeting Father Christmas in the loveliest grotto ever,
seeing amazing ice sculptures in genuinely frosty conditions,
admiring twinkly lights,
eating pretzels
and generally getting excited about Christmas.

music credit: Brand New Day by Kodaline


  1. I wish I hadn't watched this, we were going to go there the day before Disney but decided to stay at our hotel and relax instead. I now really wish we had gone.
    I think when the children are older it is going to be wonderful looking at these videos. You are so talented x

  2. What a beautiful day and such awesome memories, I do love your videos so much. What a cool Pops for going down the ice slide, Mr R bless you for not managing it too well x

  3. Looks fantastic. I must take the kids next Christmas - presuming they still have it this year.

  4. It looks amazing. I love the build up to Christmas, far more than the actual event itself. Your videos are fab, I always love watching them x


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