out of the mouths of babes {january}

"Oh no, I broke my fish finger. I want to eat my fish finger safely."

Mummy: "Are you finished your lunch?"
beautiful boy: "No."
Mummy: "Then why have you taken your apron off?"
beautiful boy: "Because I'm being cheeky."

Mummy: "How old are you?"
beautiful boy: "Ummmmmm. On my next birthday I will be three."
Mummy: "But how old are you now?"
beautiful boy: "Big."

beautiful boy: "I've got curry and rice for dinner.
Daddy: "Yes you have. Me too."
beautiful boy: "Yes and Mummy three. And [my sister] four."

Mummy: "What would you like for your birthday?"
beautiful boy: "I would like a bike and a cake with candles to blow out."
Mummy: "What colour bike would you like?"
beautiful boy: "A red bike."
Mummy: "And what sort of cake would you like?"
beautiful boy: "A red cake. And red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. And with candles to blow out."

"That was a bread poo. Now I'm going to make an ice cream poo. It will be delicious."

beautiful boy: "I want to be a daddy."
Mummy: "Maybe one day, if you are very very lucky."
beautiful boy: "Next Christmas?"

beautiful boy: "Can I have a drink please? I'm thirsty."
Mummy: "Of course. Would you like a drink of water."
beautiful boy: "Yes. That'll do the trick."

Mummy: "Now, what would you like to do now? Would you like to go home or go shopping?"
beautiful boy: "I would like to go... SHOPPING!"
Mummy: "Okay, then you shall go shopping."
beautiful boy: "Would you like to come shopping with me, Mummy?"

"I love you Mummy, all the days of Christmas."

"Astronaut Nanny, today we are going to fly into space in Astronaut Mummy's car to see moons and stars and planet Earth."

"I like pants. Pants are nice. And I love t-shirts."

beautiful boy: "We will see Uncle Matt today?"
Mummy: "No, not today lovely."
beautiful boy: "Okay, maybe after next Christmas."

Mummy: "I think you're being a bit of a baby."
beautiful boy: "Yes I am. I'm your baby."
Mummy: "You are. My little baby boy."
beautiful boy: "Yes. And I think I need to sleep in a sleeping bag tonight."

Mummy: "What did you have for your lunch?"
beautiful boy: " I had a sausage roll. And a cupcake."
Mummy: "Do you remember what flavour your cupcake was?'
beautiful boy: "It was chocolate. It was cookies and crumpet flavour."
Mummy: "I think you mean cookies and cream."
beautiful boy: "No cookies and crumpet."


  1. I love love this post. He sounds like so much fun. My little one only just started putting words together to form sentences and I am loving it. It can be so entertaining. With baby brain I keep forgetting his cute new phrases so I started Phrase Day Friday the end of last year so I can look back and see just how cheeky is was. Awesome photo too. You must have big windows in your house all your photos are amazingly bright. I need to cut out a few hundred in my dark dungeon. lol

    1. It's certainly entertaining when they get talking, and such a good idea to record them because they get so quickly forgotten.
      And our windows really aren't that big, they just point the right way so that we get some lovely morning light. We have hardly any light after lunch time though, so I have to get up and start snapping in the mornings. x

  2. Ah these are getting better each month. "Oh no, I broke my fish finger. I want to eat my fish finger safely." Thats my favourite one! So funny! xx

    1. I think they are too, he seems to get funnier as he gets more clever with his use of language. x

  3. Hahahah, he is so adorable!!!!

  4. Oh these are so funny - I love astronaut Nanny and astronaut Mummy going on an adventure!

    1. He had an entire day where he managed to make absolutely everything something to do with being an astronaut and going into space, it was pretty impressive really. And very hilarious. x

  5. Replies
    1. They really are. It's a laugh a minute in this house. x

  6. Replies
    1. He has a funny way of seeing things, thats for sure. x

  7. I love all these. I'm so glad you write them all down. Can't believe he's not 3 yet though!
    That's Mummy ordering a lot of food colouring for a rainbow cake then?

  8. These are so cute! How lovely to write them all down so they are not forgotten. I am looking forward to Monkey talking! #wotsofunee

  9. Awww he is such a cutie and adorable. I really love this post, tons of smiles along the lines. xx

  10. Grace says - I've had to reply instead of Lucas as he's too busy giggling about bread poo!!! #funee

  11. Great post - loving some of the things he's coming out with. Very funny #funee


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