sixteen months new

You seemed to be right on the cusp of being a real little girl, but not quite.

It was a fascinating stage really,
as you seemed so fiercely independent
and had bags of personality
but could turn into a baby again in a second
when you were tired and started to suck your thumb during a cuddle.

You were talking all the time,
as well as laughing, screeching, screaming and generally making a lot of noise.
Not a lot of your talking was proper words yet,
but some were starting to appear.
You would say "mama" when you were tired and needed something
and always looked right at Mummy while you said it
as if you expected her to read your mind and know what you were after.
You would say "see you soon" and wave 
and liked practising this by leaving the room repeatedly just so you could say it. 

You were getting quite the reputation for being an absolute gannet.
You just loved food.
Everything except rice krispies!
And you thought all food was for you
and would shout and yell if other people had food
because you would want some too.
We had to sneak your brother his dessert if you had already finished yours
because you would get pretty hysterical about needing a yoghurt
despite having only just finished one.

You were starting to climb now
and we really had to watch you
because you were so clever with it.
You would move toys, bags, cushions - whatever you could find -
so that you could use it as a leg up to climb higher onto furniture. 
You were learning where interesting things 
like spoons and chocolate and remotes were kept
and would zone in on finding those things.

Your sixteenth month had seen your second Christmas,
which you had loved.
You were completely absorbed by the excitement of it all
and loved the moment when the wrapping paper revealed the present hidden inside,
it was always guaranteed to get a big smile.
You had some lovely presents
and loved playing with your new toys and looking through your new books.

You were starting to show some clear favouritism for certain toys
which was very sweet.
You loved you Tinkerbell and Rapunzel soft toys,
and your Jessie doll from Toy Story
who would get big wet sloppy kisses.
You loved emptying food out of the play kitchen
and carrying HappyLand people around, one in each hand.

You really were becoming a proper little girl
with likes and dislikes
and a strong stubborn streak it would seem.
You were working out methods of getting your own way
and were so incredibly cute and charming.
You gave the most enthusiastic and snugly cuddles,
grabbing hold of us to pull us close.
Everything about you was just amazing.

You can find all the beautiful girl's previous weekly and then monthly updates on her page.


  1. The photo of BG in her denim dress and pigtails is the cutest thing ever, she is such a beauty! x

    1. Thanks. Its such a great little dress. A very good Christmas pressie from my brother and his girlfriend. x

  2. I love that top photo of her it's just gorgeous! x

    1. Thank-you. It definitely captures her cheeky side. x

  3. Love the words to define how they are ready to grow up but still baby and need to cuddles! Love the first cheeky smile photo! xx

    1. Thanks, it does feel like they go through these stages where they feel on the cusp of growing up but are a baby again in an instant. x

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