tinti bath toys review

I discovered the lovely online toy store Toys Naturally only recently,
and as someone who is quite literally obsessed with traditional wooden toys,
I was really impressed with their selection.
So I was thrilled when they said they'd like to send us some bath toys for the beautiful boy
and a little present for Splodge too.

We were sent some really fun sensory bath toys for the little guy to play with
made by Tinti.
 The first we tried was a bubble bath
which produced a load of white bubbles
covering bright red water.
They had a great fruity smell too
and the little man could instantly tell that something was different
before he even caught sight of the water.

Next we tried a bath colour in green
which I have to say was really impressive.
It had a citrus sort of fragrance
and made the water really, really green.
The little man was fascinated by it.
It came in a tablet form which fizzed and gradually dissolved to dye the water
and it was really vivid.
I confess I was actually a bit worried that it was going to leave my lovely white bath
an interesting shade of green
but it didn't and it washed away without a mark when bath time was over.

 The final one was a cracking bath powder
which I didn't manage to get a photograph of.
Mainly because the beautiful boy was not terribly keen on this one
and found it a bit scary.
I thought it was the best of the bunch
as it was a packet of rainbow coloured crystals
and they made a noise like waves crashing.
Clearly it just wasn't what the little guy was expecting.
But he can be a bit of a wimp about funny noises,
and I kind of think that if I tried them again when he's a bit older
then he would appreciate them more.

All three are really cheap little toys
and would make great party bag fillers.
They were really fun to use
and definitely made bath time a lot more exciting in our house for a few days.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review.
But all words, pictures and opinions are my own.

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  1. These look fab! I may have to get some for Leo. He would love the Green bath water! x


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