splodge and me at thirty-two weeks

Splodge's Size:
My little Splodge is finally reaching melon proportions;
a honeydew melon to be exact.

Splodge's Development:
Splodge is looking more and more like a newborn now,
all be it a very dinky one;
as apparently the transparency of his or her skin is disappearing now.
I won't know for sure until the midwife confirms it next week,
but I'm pretty sure that they have been happily settled in a head down position for a while now.
I can definitely feel what feels a lot like a bottom up at the top of my bump anyway.

My Size:
My waist is 42 inches
which is a whopping two inches bigger than a fortnight ago.
And there was me thinking that the growing had slowed down a lot.
I'm glad the weather has cheered up
allowing me to live in dresses which are a lot more comfortable than anything with a waistband.

My Pregnancy Development:
My bump feels really solid and very 'full' all of a sudden,
like sometimes if I take a deep breath my skin might tear open.
In the last couple of weeks
Splodge has gone through phases of really pushing downwards,
which I didn't get at all last time 
and its pretty darn horrible.
It's like he or she is testing out means of escape.
They have also discovered my ribs and like using them as a foot rest.
This never happened last time either
and I suddenly know exactly what all those pregnant ladies were complaining about
when they say they are getting kicked in the ribs,
But I feel like in the scheme of things I'm still doing really well,
and I'm not letting it get me down.
I know in a few months time that I'll find myself strangely craving my bump back.

My Body:

Well if I didn't know it before, then I definitely do now;
I'm pregnant!
And my body is starting to let me know about it.
Doing anything particularly active
- like emptying the dishwasher -
leaves me short of breath.
And I'm starting to find it hard to get comfy in bed at night.
I'm fortunately still sleeping a lot better than I did with my last pregnancy,
but the hotter weather combined with my natural pregnancy central heating,
means that I've been getting very hot and bothered in the night.
Leg cramps are also causing trouble at nights too,
I'm being woken by them at least 3 or 4 times a night.

My Appetite:
Apart from lack of space meaning that I can't fit a big meal in anymore,
my appetite is pretty normal.
Ice cream is GOOD.
Ice pops are (as always) GOOD.
And I'm still loving those avocados.

In the last couple of weeks
we've taken serious steps towards getting ready for Splodge's arrival.
The nursery has been made over,
and we have a whole pile of new little outfits for him or her to wear.


  1. Oh those leg cramps, I remember them. I remember screaming so loudly in the middle of the night once (and swearing but this is a family show) that Mr E thought I was in labour. I then started to get tears and before I knew it I was sobbing. A little melodramatic me thinks. But they are a real bugger and hurt so much!

    Your bump is now big lady, I know you aren't supposed to say that to a pregnant person but as I am your PIC I feel I am allowed too. However you are looking gorgeous, and glowing and it is a perfect bump. ;)


    1. The cramps are so awful. I was screaming into my pillow with them one night. And I especially hate anything that disturbs my sleep.
      I do definitely feel very pregnant now. It's like carrying around a big football under my clothes.... only heavier! X

  2. Your bump is gorgeous, you definitely have that pregnancy glow!

    2nd time round was way harder for me too. Apart from loads of different sensations etc I had severe SPD having had no problems at all with my first pregnancy. The leg cramps are horrid and rib kicks - those things just take your breath away don't they?

    Good luck for the coming weeks x

    1. I wouldn't necessarily say I've found it harder this time, just very different which I didn't expect. I guess it will be different though when this time around my body already knows what it's doing. X

  3. You are positively glowing, you make pregnancy look gooooood Mrs!
    Remembering the rib kicks still makes me wince, I took such a battering one afternoon I thought I was going into labour. Was also subjected to the pushing down thing, oh boy!
    I can't quite believe how quickly the last 32 weeks have gone (well, 30 really) - your announcement post really doesn't feel like it was that long ago!
    I hope you're enjoying putting your feet up and gorging on ice cream every evening now x

    1. Thank-you. It is all going by really fast this time around, and there isn't the time to dwell on things or think about things as much. I guess that's a good thing although I am a bit worried that I'll suddenly find myself with a newborn and be very unprepared. X

  4. You are looking lovely hunny! I turned into a blob during my second pregnancy but you look so well! X

    1. Thanks hun. I definitely feel like a blob but it's nice to hear that people don't think I look like one. :) x

  5. Wow, you look amazing, I was vomiting every day and twice your size. Not long to go now xx

    1. Ahhh thanks hun. I'm so glad that I've managed to avoid the lovely pregnancy vomiting both times. I'm genuinely not sure how women can do it. X


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