splodge and me at thirty-six weeks


Splodge's Size:
Splodge has apparently still melon-sized,
I'm guessing just a bigger melon than a couple of weeks ago.
And they could weigh as much as 6lbs,
which considering the little guy was only 7lb 1oz at birth is pretty incredible.

Splodge's Development:
Splodge is losing that downy hair covering
and the waxy vernix that has covered and protected their skin.
From now on all that's really happening for Splodge is weight gain
and generally getting ready for birth and life in the outside world.

 My Size:
I'm up to 43 and a half inches round my waist/bump now.
That's an inch gain in the last fortnight
and although I've been saying it a while now
I'm pretty sure that I must be full to capacity now.
I just don't see how I can get any bigger.

My Pregnancy Development:
I'm feeling pretty firmly into my third trimester;
tired and uncomfy some days,
buzzing full of energy on others.
The nesting instinct has really kicked in
and I think we are pretty much there in terms of being ready for Splodge's arrival.
Both my bag and the baby bag are packed,
all the tiny clothes are clean and folded neatly in the drawer,
the quilt I've been making is finished,
the baby car seat is in the car.
We just need the crib up and the buggy and we're there.

My Body:
I saw a midwife at 35+6 and baby's head was on the brim of pelvis
but by 36+3 its moved right down into my pelvis.
Just shows you how quickly things can change in pregnancy.
Having decided last week to take a flying dive off of a kerb and into the road
while carrying the little guy,
I've been feeling really, really achey.
Of course at this stage in pregnancy 
it's hard to tell where the pregnancy aches end and the aches from the fall begin;
but my hips feel really sore some evenings
and my back aches if I do too much.
Similarly if I laze around all day I feel stiff and uncomfortable
so I guess I just need to strike the balance between staying active but not overdoing it.

My Appetite:
I'm pretty much eating as I have been for months now,
little and often.
Big meals just don't fit.
Avocados, ice pops, chocolate and milk are all big favourites
and I think if I was left to my own devices I would happily exist on those alone.

I'm so nearly at full term now
which is so exciting and so unbelievable.
I can't wait to meet this little person now
and am still obsessing and dreaming about introducing my children to one another.

I've still not really got any gut feeling on gender either way;
some days I am positive that it's another boy,
the next day I'm not sure,
and the day I am definite that it's a girl.
I'm so ready to know now though
and we have names picked out either way.


  1. Wow - you look wonderful :))) I so remember those days xxx

    1. Aww thank-you. And it's so exciting going through it all again, knowing how I felt last time, but also knowing how exciting the end result is. X

  2. Not long now, very exciting. you look fabulous, a real yummy mummy x

    1. Thank-you. And fingers crossed we're not left waiting too long. X

  3. Well you are looking fab and glad you are taking it a bit easier after your fall! x

    1. I do have to say that, as stiff and sore as I am from the fall, I do feel better for taking it easier the last few days. Although I'm having to fights some strong nesting desires to tidy and clean. X

  4. You really do look fantastic! Pregnancy definitely suits you! So close now, I remember the excitement well x

    1. Awww, thank-you. I do feel very lucky that pregnancy and me get along so well. That being said, I am getting to the point where I'm starting to feel ready to not be pregnant anymore. X

  5. You are looking great and so close now! x

    1. Thanks hun. Just can't believe how quickly it's gone. Feels like yesterday I was talking to you about doing some sort of video for the announcement. X

  6. Not much longer to wait now! Glad to hear everything seems to be OK, you must be starting to get really excited about the little ones's arrival x

    1. It is really exciting now that it feels like we've reached the final stretch. Fingers crossed this bit goes as fast as the rest has. X

  7. You are looking amazing! xx

    1. Awww, thanks. Don't feel it a lot of the time. I'm looking forward to having my body back now. X

  8. what a great bump...it looks like you've photo-shopped it on...so neat! x

    1. Nope, no photoshop. Thats all me. Or rather it's all Splodge. :) x


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