his bestest day

It's always lovely to go out for the day
on a real family adventure.
And we did just that at the London Sealife Aquarium.
And I'd even say that it was the beautiful boy's best day . . . EVER!!!
I've never seen him so excited, so animated
and with such big wide eyes.

As we entered the aquarium
we walked over a large glass panel looking down into a huge tank.
Straight away the little guy was craning forward in his buggy
to watch the fish, sharks and rays swim below him.
There were plenty of opportunities as we went around
to really learn, explore and interact.
And while he was pretty desperate to get out of Nanny's arms and into the ray pool,
he was quite happy to watch Daddy touch the starfish without feeling the need to do it himself.
The whole day gave him plenty of opportunity to practise one of his favourite words;
Which was always quickly followed up by his impression of a fish
and then a giggle as we did the same impression straight back at him.
One of the best things about the aquarium
as a day out with a toddler,
was that he could get so close to everything.
The vast majority of the tanks were at his height
or had a step he could stand on.
This meant that he could put his face right to the glass
and really see all the animals.
I think this was a big contribution to the general look of wonder that was across his face the entire time.
He giggled out loud at the penguins
which definitely earned the biggest smile of the day.
He's definitely a boy with good tastes as the penguins were my favourites too.
In fact I'd say that the whole penguin area was a firm favourite,
with tunnels for him to run through and explore,
as well as a large panel of ice to touch which he was really interested in.
The aquarium is just the right size for a toddler too.
You can easily go round it in a couple of hours
and feel that you've seen everything.
Or you could take more time with slightly older children
and really read about each animal,
as well as taking advantage of all the feeding sessions
which are led by the experts.
We had a fantastic day
and are so glad that we went.
I have always loved a trip to an aquarium
but getting to go with the beautiful boy means that you see it through new eyes;
eyes which are wide,
eyes which are excited,
eyes which are seeing things for the first time
and finding it all thoroughly awesome.

We were given free tickets by Superbreak for three adults and a child to attend the London Sealife Aquarium in order to do this review. We paid for an additional adult ticket so that we could all enjoy the day. Superbreak provide city breaks and weekend breaks as well as days out. All photos, words and opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Aw it looks like you all had a great day! I am looking forward to taking Leo to the one in Birmingham. We went to one at the beginning of June but he was more interested in crawling around on the floor back then xx

    1. It's definitely a great day out for a toddler. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic day. X

  2. Aw what a lovely day! H was quite young when we last went to aquarium, we may be due a trip!

    1. I would recommend it as a great day out with toddlers. So much to see and all at sir level which is great. X

  3. Ah, looks very toddler-friendly. Definitely one for me to remember to take Arlo to, sea creatures are his favourite thing at the moment!

    1. We're going through a sea creature phase in this house too, so it was definitely good timing. We were so impressed with how toddler-friendly it was and will definitely make another aquarium trip now. X

  4. It does look like a very fun day, I am glad the beautiful boy had a good time. Mr E loves aquariums and we took Mads to one in Bournemouth last year and she was interested, but probably a bit too little. I don't mind them but I prefer the zoo! x

    1. I would normally say that I prefer the zoo too, but I have to say that this trip got pretty close to changing my mind. I think it was just the fact that he could get so close up and really see all the animals, whereas it can be a mission to find the animals hiding at the zoo. He is currently obsessed with fish, so I think that helped a lot too. Plus it was a shorter day out than the zoo so he enjoyed the whole thing rather than getting tired and needing a sleep half way like he does when we go to the zoo. X

  5. Sounds like a great day and, again, you take some great photos!

    1. We did have a lovely day. Taking photos was a challenge as you aren't allowed to use a flash and it's pretty dark in places, I'm pleased that so many turned out okay. X

  6. Sounds like a great day! He sure looks like he had a blast! I still haven't been able to take my little one to the aquarium yet! It's on my list of places to take her! You got some great captures!

    1. I'd definitely recommend it as a day out with a toddler. They can get so close to all the fish and he was just completely transfixed by it all. X

  7. awww what lovely photos of him and the one of the three of you :) he really does look like he cannot believe what he is seeing!! i love going to an aquarium i must go again soon xx

    1. He was so excited. I've never seen him quite so animated and enthralled in anything before. It was such a lovely day out and I think we'll have to visit an aquarium again. X

  8. Bob would love this!!! She is impressed by a goldfish so this would be amazing!!! Looks like you all had a lovely day! x


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