the day that review

I first came across 'The Day That...' at The Baby Show last year;
and was really taken with what a simple and beautiful idea it was.
The idea is that two photographers have photographed the dawn of every single day since mid June in 2005.
You can then pick a photo from the dawn of your own special day.
I think they make for a stunning and unique gift.

The photos have all been taken of the cornish coastline
and are simply beautiful.
Just flicking through a few different dates on their website
I was blown away by how different each morning looked.
Some are dramatic,
others are tranquil,
many bursting with colour;
and it definitely made me want to get up and photograph the dawn one day.

I chose a photograph from the day that we got married.
I guess with our approaching anniversary I was feeling romantic and nostalgic.
But these would make beautiful and unusual gifts for first birthdays or christenings,
I think a photo of the dawn of the day your child was born would be a gorgeous addition to most homes.

You can have the photograph framed or unframed
in a variety of different sizes and colours of frame.
They each come mounted with your choice of inscription and the date written on
which means that you can truly personalise the print.

We were sent this item free of charge for the purposes of this review,
but all words, opinions and photos are my own.

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