him and her {week forty}

he just seems so grown up of late
with the sensible little things he comes out with,
but he cannot wait to be a big brother all over again
and is counting down the days until his baby sister arrives.

she just loves telling us what she gets up to at preschool each day,
is absolutely adoring both her dancing lessons each week,
and is just about the cuddliest, cutest, funniest little lady on the planet
who is snuggling like a baby one minute and trying to rule the roost the next.


  1. They're growing up so quickly Lucy, you must be so incredibly proud of them both! Can't wait to see what they're like with their new baby sister xxx

  2. Oh proud mommy moments you have two beautiful children Lucy about to be three and so much to be so proud of and you clearly are an amazing mother in shines through them every day and in all their photos. Stunning captures. :)

  3. I am sure BG is just a female version of Archie. They are both looking so grown up and ready to be a big sister and a big big brother

  4. Oh so sweet! It's wonderful watching them grow but I always think it's bittersweet because it goes so fast. You have a beautiful family, I can't wait to see you next addition :) x


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