catching up {flump}

Okay, so we all know now that our Flump bump made her arrival earlier this week. But because I was preparing myself for an overdue one this time around and thinking I'd have another week or so at least to wait, I still have a couple of bump related things to share; two bump related videos to be exact.

So above there is my final pregnancy diary vlog; I'll give you a little heads up... I use the word "wait" a whole lot. That last bit where you're itching to meet your baby is just the hardest part. You also get a good look at my cooked bump, which I am already looking at at can't believe I was really quite that big. Isn't it crazy how you can feel like you're going to be pregnant forever, and then when you aren't anymore it straight away feels like it was another life time....?

I can't tell you how glad I am that I made my pregnancy video diaries. They are going to be so lovely to look back on and I hope a certain little lady will like watching them one day too, and hearing about all the highs and lows she put me through as a bump. 

And below there is a video that I put together for my favourite baby brand The Essential One (I'll have a post coming up pretty soon on just how amazing they are... the little miss has been sporting Essential One clothing every day of her life so far!). I had the amazing privilege of being their pregnancy blogger and they spoiled the baby and I absolutely rotten by sending us a massive package of clothes so that I could kit out our hospital bags. So I put together a video of all the things I packed for the little lady and me for when I went into labour... and I can testify that I definitely packed the right things, as the only things that weren't used were the bigger sized clothes, so do give it a little watch. 

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