capturing the end of an era

We love an adventure. We've had a year packed full of them so far. So when Channel Mum asked us to "capture autumn" and showcase the Panasonic HC-W570 video camera while we were at it, an Autumn adventure in the woods seemed like the perfect thing to do. 

So we donned our wellies, layered up, hopped in the car and we headed to one of our favourite places; Thorndon Park. Home to the Gruffalo trail which the kids adore, and a nice easy going walk for a heavily pregnant mama, plus we know from previous years' visits that it is totally beautiful in the autumn. 

Little did we know that this would turn out to be our final adventure as a four. Because a couple of days later our newest addition made her arrival. And it's strange how weird it already seems to watch footage of us as a four, to see footage of myself pregnant... because that feels like another lifetime now. And I guess it is another lifetime ago really; a certain little lady's lifetime. 

But it makes me very glad that we unknowingly captured that very last 'adventure for four' on video. We had such a fun day out together, meeting the characters from our favourite books, kicking the fallen leaves, and generally enjoying some time together. 

I also took my reserve if-the-baby-hasn't-arrived-by-then Siblings project photos that day. But of course she arrived in time for October's edition of the project. So here they are, my last sibling photos of my big pair before they became a three.

If you haven't already come across Channel Mum, it is a YouTube channel dedicated to being the honest face of parenting, and I am one of their vloggers. So you should definitely pop over and subscribe to them so that you can catch all the amazing chat, tutorials and recipes from their fantastic team of vloggers, including me.


  1. Ahhh lucy the video the photos all of it is just so precious and amazing. What a time to capture the end of an era of just two for sure. It almost made me cry thinking that you soon after had your little princess and you are a beautiful family of five now. Just absolutely precious. one of my fave posts just because I am broody and emotional and think your two have such a gorgeous bond that just pours from their smiles.

  2. Oh what lovely last sibling shots they are too! It's funny how quickly a five seems like the right number and a four unimaginable isn't it, there have definitely been times I've thought back to something and had to remind myself that Pip wasn't there yet, he feels like he's always been part of the family:)


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