him and her and her {week forty-two}

he is just about the proudest big brother that any baby could ever have,
loves whispering to his baby sister that he loves her,
has decided that he loves going to football training with daddy on saturday,
and suddenly loves writing little notes.

she has taken to big sistering just as brilliantly as we knew she would,
is desperate to hold her baby at every possible opportunity,
has started talking about some of her little friends from preschool,
and loves reenacting her dance classes for us all.

she is just the perfect fit,
the most deliciously chilled little baby,
who seems happiest when surrounded by her older siblings' noise,
and smells exactly like heaven.


  1. Ahhh him her and her makes me want to cry and melt my heart she is so gorgeous. I love that she has fit right in and loves her siblings and their amazing smiles look at them Lucy. I bet it's made BB and BG really seem grown up next to their newborn baby sister.

  2. Oh the first one with all three! She is scrumptious x

  3. The first one with all three and how gorgeous it is! Those big brown eyes of your children's are so beautiful and so characteristic of them all - we can't wait to see your newest addition growing and developing, your oldest two are going to be the best big brother and sister!


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