me and you {march}

Nobody ever tells you that marriage will be easy,
people who have been married for the longest of times,
will tell you that it's all about working things through together,
about making compromises,
about knowing when to admit defeat,
and putting the other person's feelings first a lot of the time.

But I think we all,
somewhat naively,
think that our own love stories
will be plain sailing on still waters,
like the happy ever after from a movie.

Well let me tell you...
we do not have that marriage.
We argue.
We irritate one another.
We pick fights with one another.
We take each other for granted.
We have days when we just wish the other would leave us the hell alone.
But that's just it,
we have a marriage.
And those things are as much a part of marriage,
as the romance and the kisses and the "I love you's".

Ultimately for us
I think it comes down to one important word:

Ten years ago this month
we chose one another.
We didn't exactly know what we were choosing at the time,
but we still made that choice,
to choose the other person.
And that word choice, is always the first one to pop into my brain
on the days when I'm mad as a crazy thing at that man I chose to marry.
I chose him,
he chose me,
we chose this life together.

And through thick or thin,
I still choose him
and the life that we've made together.

At our wedding a sign (which I painstakingly made) read
"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."
It was sort of the tag line of our wedding day.
And of all the many beautiful words that we heard and said and sung on that day,
it's the quote which has stayed with me the most.
Because as corny as it may sound,
that is our fairy tale;
the ordinary life.
We chose it,
and we wouldn't have it any other way.

This project isn't just for married people,
it's for anyone and everyone with a special person in their life.
Because it's always nice to have an excuse to record our relationships
and to show of what works,
and maybe talk about what doesn't.

Since having kids,
documenting the 'us' that started our family
went on the back burner
in favour of photographing our cute offspring.
But this year is our year to change that,
and we're loving taking a little time out each month,
to take a photo just for us.

I'm are doing this project alongside Becky at Ar-Blog
Fritha at Tigerlilly Quinn and Kirsty at My Two Mums,
and we're loving seeing all of your couples photos too.

dear beautiful


  1. This is beautiful and I love that photo x

    1. Thanks lovely. The photo was a proper last minute job but I like how it turned out. x

  2. Aww, lovely words and so true. Marriage isn't always easy. But you're right, we choose to live a life with the one we love when we say I do. Love the photo you've chosen to illustrate your words.

    1. Thanks, I guess you know you've married the right one when you know it's worth fighting through the harder times. x

  3. I love the photo!
    I don't think anyone has a plain sailing marriage. Life is full of storms to battle through together. Beautiful words also :)

    1. Thank-you. It's so tempting to crave a constantly peaceful life, but I think we need those storms too, to remind us things are worth fighting for. x

  4. This is so beautiful, lovely photo and words

  5. Love this post so much. When we all think everyone else is 100% happy 100% of the time, we set ourselves unrealistic expectations and get mad at ourselves when we fall short of them. Honest posts just like this one, allow us a bit of curtain twitching which lets us know we are all in the same boat and it's called life. What you choose to do in that boat, and who with, is as you say, a CHOICE. I love this post and you for writing. Of course, you still had your fairy dust of perfection by adding the coolest photo ever, so I guess that's just it, an imperfect journey, with some perfect results (our babies are added to that bit) :-) Liska xx

    1. Oh thank-you Liska. I think we all kind of assume that everyone else has it all figured out and that it's just us having the tougher times. But like you say, it's life. And it can't alway be sunshine and rainbows. So glad you liked the post and thanks for your comment. x

  6. This is such a lovely post, and so true! I love your photo as well :)

  7. This is so true.

    I love the photo, and the quote!!

    1. Thanks. It's definitely one of my favourite quotes ever. x

  8. I love that photo. So sweet. It's true what you say; marriage isn't plain sailing but we chose to be together and that's what matters the most. X

    1. Thanks. I think we sometimes just have to remind ourselves that we chose that person, and all that comes with it. Even when they are driving us mad. ;) x

  9. I think that's beautifully put, you have a lovely knack for hitting the nail on the head, and I completely agree - my husband is the one person in my family who I actively chose when we first started dating, chose when we got married, and continue to choose every single day since

    1. That's exactly it. We chose to have children, but the actual people they are. And we didn't choose our own parents or siblings. But we chose one another. And I think that's pretty important to remember. x

  10. Brilliant photo, congrats on 10 years xxx

  11. Your words as always are so beautiful. I love the realness of it all. Mr P and I are like that. Normal I call it. I am glad we chose us too. I think I actually got him to take a photo with me so I can join in this month photo me and you project for once. hurray. I love the photo of you and your hubster reading and on the iphone. Such a natural shot of everyday life. I love it. Mr P and mine would look the same but opposite. He would be reading and I would be on my iphone. lol Thanks for sharing your inspiring words and hosting such a great photo project.

    1. Awww, thank-you lovely. I love normal. No place else I'd rather be. x

  12. Oh this brought tears to my eyes. I have that same marriage, with the annoyances, the fights, the niggles, the arguments but the underlying love, the friendship and the choices that brought us to this point - 10 years later, to this marriage and this family x

    1. Ahhh, that's so lovely. I'm so glad you could relate to it. I think that balance of the niggles and the cuddles is what makes marriage work. x

  13. Lovely post & lovely blog! I'm a new subscriber :)


  14. you write so well! I love the picture too, this is such a familiar scene for us too (although I wish I was reading a book rather than on my laptop ;)) x

    1. Awww, thank-you sweetie. I've been determined to get back into reading so I don't take the tech to bed with me anymore... and I love it!!! x

  15. Lovely picture like us too, Sorry only just seen this what a sausage so behind! must remember to write these down on the calendar!

    1. Haha, it's okay. You don't have to join in on the 20th, the linky stays open for a little while. x

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  17. happy anniversary to you both, such a wonderful post x
    have finally managed to join in, bit comedy though! sorry we just not used to both of us being in front of the camera at the same time! x


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