building bears

Last spring we were lucky enough to be invited to review the Build-A-Bear experience
and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and raved about it to anyone who would listen. 
Our beautiful boy was at an age where he was just big enough to understand some of the excitement
but his little sister was still a baby, who smiled the whole time but had no idea what was going on.
So when Build-A-Bear Workshop offered us a chance to review for them again,
I was absolutely thrilled to accept,
knowing that they would both get so much more out of it this time around.

We were looked after in store by Ben
who right from the start was so enthusiastic and welcoming.
Build-A-Bear Workshop is very much focused on getting the children involved at every single stage
and the staff in there are fantastic at targeting all the questions and decision making at the children.
Ben helped the children to cuddle a variety of the stuffed toys
to help them choose what they would like to make;
our little guy chose a cute fluffy bear...

and the little miss chose a cute bunny rabbit

And once they had chosen their new friends to make
the fun really starts.
The beautiful boy chose a sound affect to go in his bear
after deliberating for some time
and pressing the test buttons a lot while he decided.
(We decided against a sound for his sister's
so that the rabbit could go in her cot with her at night.)

And then it's time to bring the toys to life
by filling them with stuffing

… which is very fun indeed.
Especially when you get to press the pedal
to stuff the bear yourself.

It's important to give your new friend a cuddle
to make sure that they are just plump enough with stuffing
to be the perfect cuddle partner.

Then it's time to choose a heart for your new buddy,
so that they are packed full of love.
The little man even chose a special charity heart for his bear,
which sees money going to the Starlight charity.

The little man had so much fun 
as Ben lead him through a fun activity to fill his heart full of lots of lovely attributes
by jumping and cuddling and rubbing the heart.
And then in the hearts went...

...before the new toys were stitched up tight;
under the little man's watchful eye.

I think both my children were absolutely thrilled at this point
and would probably have quite happily stopped there
with their newly made friends.

But of course
a huge draw of Build-A-Bear is getting to dress your toy
and really personalise it.

So after a quick bath for the two new stuffed toys…

… it was outfit selection time.
A super man outfit for a bear,
and a trendy vest and skirt for the rabbit.

Then the final step in proceedings is to name your toy
and register it
so that you get a birth certificate to take home.
Sitting at the computer like a big boy
while Ben patiently spelled out what to type
was a definite highlight for our letter-mad little man.

The beautiful boy's bear is named Clark
after his Superman outfit
(do you see what Daddy did there?)
And the beautiful girl's rabbit is called Daisy
after the flower hair accessories she wears.

Then it's into a new box house for your toys,
ready to take them home.
I love that the boxes can be coloured and decorated
so the fun with your new toy continues
even when you get home.

Our experience at Build-A-Bear Workshop
was just as amazing and fun as it was the last time.
In fact maybe more so 
because it felt like the children could really be so much more involved
with them both being a little older.

They absolutely adore their new toys.
Daisy the rabbit gets a snuggle each night at bedtime
and Clark the bear gets played with all. the. time.
And I'm sure part of the reason they are so loved
is because the children know that they are special
because they were involved in bringing them to life.

We really cannot rate the entire Build-A-Bear Workshop experience highly enough,
they really do make the whole thing so special and exciting for the children
and pretty fun for the adults too I have to say.
We were looked after fantastically by Jack the first time around,
and just as brilliantly by Ben second time around.
So if you are in the Colchester area
and fancy building a bear,
then they both come highly recommended by us.

We were given two stuffed toys and all their clothes and accessories free of charge
for the purposes and writing this review.
But all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I know I'm meant to comment about the bears.... But those star and stripe converse are amazing!! Awesome style!
    But... BB looks so cute carrying the two boxes! AND a super-bear! Too cute x

  2. The bears look fantastic. I love that you get to pick their hearts. So cute. I am jealous! Looks like you all had fun as a family together building your two bears and dressing them. That's so sweet. Lovely review. Lovely pictures as always.

  3. Oh that looks like so much fun! I think I might need to wait for my lovely duo to be a bit bigger (well Elma anyway) to get the most out of it, but Kitty would just be blown away - maybe next time we need a special treat!

  4. We love Build A Bear. Amy created the most random teddy for Valentine's Day. A lion with sequinned pumps, a red heart throb shirt and the Star Wars theme tune in its paw...

  5. I love build a bear!!! I haven't got one for my son yet! You've inspired me to do so!!

  6. We love Build a Bear. It's such a fun experience and the staff are always so friendly and helpful. It looks like BB and BG had a great time and chose very cute bears. X

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