out of the mouths of babes {march}

Mummy: "Would you look at your sister. She's swimming like a fish."
beautiful boy: "No she's too big to be a fish. She's like a whale."

Mummy: "Where is your towel?"
beautiful boy: "I left it in the bathroom."
Mummy: "Well I think maybe we should put it away."
beautiful boy: "No Mummy. Don't. How could I ever be happy without it?"

beautiful boy: "Mummy, I need a weewee."
Mummy: "We'll be home in a minute and then you can go."
beautiful boy: "No. It's okay Mummy. I want to wee behind a big tree."

Uncle Matt: "Have you ever seen a dinosaur?"
beautiful boy: "No. Not yet."
Uncle Matt: "No, me either."
beautiful boy: "We should go on a dinosaur adventure Uncle Matt."

while sitting at the table at Nanny and Pops' house while they were away:
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There are five of us. But 6 and 7 are on holiday."

"Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.
Now I know my ABC
Next time won't you...
... Oh no, I missed it!"

Nanny: "Did you do a bottom burp?"
beautiful boy: "No Nanny. Not yet."
(a little later on)
Nanny: "Are you sure you didn't do a bottom burp?"
beautiful boy: "No Nanny. Here's my bottom. It's in my jeans."
(pulls jeans and pants down to flash his bottom)
"It's the best bottom I've ever seen."

Mummy: "What do you think we should call your sister's new doll?"
beautiful boy: "Ummm, Lick is a good name."
Mummy: "Uhhh, I'm not too sure about that one."
beautiful boy: "Or Mr Bumblebee."

beautiful boy: "Mummy I really need a cuddle."
Mummy: "Are you okay?"
beautiful boy: "No. I've got sneezes in my nose."
Mummy: "Oh no."
beautiful boy: "I need you to rock me like a baby."

beautiful boy: "Darcy and Wentworth [our cats] are going to go to Sainsbury's."
Mummy: "Are they?"
beautiful boy: "Yes they are. They are going to buy us all some clothes."

beautiful boy: "Daddy, I've got a mouthlash."
Daddy: "A mouthlash? Don't you mean an eyelash?"
beautiful boy: "No because its in my mouth."

Mummy: "Are you going to finish your breakfast?"
beautiful boy: "No. I'm going to give it to the cats."
Mummy: "I'm pretty sure that cats don't really eat toast."
beautiful boy: "They do. I just need to chop it up really small."

when the sun went behind a cloud:
"The sun has gone to get some more petrol."

beautiful boy: "I'm wearing my funny ears."
Mummy: "It's bunny, not funny, sweetheart!"
beautiful boy: "No they are funnies. And they eat carrots."
Mummy: "No, we say bunny. They are BUNNIES."
beautiful boy: "No Mummy. It's a rabbit."

beautiful boy: "One...?"
beautiful girl: "Two."
beautiful boy: "Three...?"
beautiful girl: "Three."
beautiful boy: "Oh no. That's not right at all."


  1. cute and funny all rolled in one! x

  2. Oh these are funny this month. I like the cats eating toast and the mouthlash the best. And the cats going to Sainsburys- cause I can totally picture them heading off there. ;)

  3. Love this! I love hearing things little ones say x

  4. I love it, you are so right it has to be one of my top favorites. I love reading the funny things they say. Buba is always giving me good material to share. lol Lovely out of their mouths post. :)

  5. I love this Lucy, and the whole concept of your beautiful blog. It really comes across how loved and cherished your little people are. So, so sweet! E x

  6. These always make me chuckle, I would love to go on a dinosaur adventure! Also your cats have the best names :) xx

  7. This is amazing!! Made me giggle all the way through, especially the one about the bottom burps :) xxx

  8. These are too cute Lucy - what lovely memories to record. F is always banging on about going on dinosaur adventures at the minute, to be fair it's probably the leas annoying thing in cbeebies x

  9. Oh he cracks me up! There's just such wonderful logic in everything he says, even if it's not quite right either!

  10. This is like a treasury of language knowledge. Nice memory for the future =) #wotsofunee

  11. He's so cute. I need you to rock me like a baby is just such an awwww thing. And I love how honest he is about giving his toast to the cats!


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