him and her {week thirteen}

he has been singing the roly-poly roly-poly song at every opportunity,
is being an absolute monkey about nap times at the moment,
constantly asks to go to the park,
and loves giving hilarious "long kisses" when he's being cheeky.

she is absolutely crazy about pink wafer biscuits,
had her first go in the shower and loved it,
giggles like a wild thing when her big brother tries to cuddle her,
and seems to know the exact moment when you need a hug the most and runs over to give one.


  1. Aww, Scarlett does the long kiss when she's being cheeky or she will say 'come closer, closer, closer' and then kisses you :) x

  2. I can completely relate to her love of pink wafer biscuits - I could eat packets of them! x

  3. He is growing up so fast, I swear in all the pictures over the last six months he has changed so much so has she but he seems so tall! When did that happen? hahaha Love that he loves the park I think our two are so similar. My boy loves singing the park and lil missy moo sounds so similar to your lil princess yet hasn't mastered walking yet. They both look so full of happiness and life and that is down to you being such an amazing mother. Happy Mother's Day my lovely. Hope all went ok today. ;)

  4. Ooh she likes pink wafer biscuits- they are my absolute FAVOURITE biscuits ever. The only thing is I could eat a million in one sitting cause they are kind of thin like air. That's my excuse anyway.

  5. Pink wafer biscuits are a truly wonderful invention - a lady of excellent taste is the Beautiful Girl!!


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