him and her {week forty-nine}

he loves telling us the date each morning so that we know which advent calendar door to open,
is repeatedly saying that he wants Father Christmas to bring him green stripy socks,
and squeals with excitement every time he spots a new house with decorations up outside.

she spent an absolute age carefully adding sweets to her gingerbread man,
surprising us all because we thought she'd simply want to eat it all,
and excitedly shouts "look its a christmas tree" every time we come back home.


  1. Ahh bless I love this getting into the festive season so adorably. Your two have the big smiles I have ever seen just gorgeous. Making my heart melt. Surprised that BG didn't eat the candies too hahaha Go girl! Gingerbread men are worth waiting for ! hahahaha

  2. Oh they are so gorgeous! I love the grainy photos too, reminds me of beautiful old fashioned photos x


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