being 'growed up'

Our little miss has definintely hit that stage where her imagination has come to life, and all she wants to do these days is make believe and play at being mummy to her toys or being 'growed up' by making us all 'cup-a-teas'. Her attention to detail as she role plays is amazing, and watching her play in this new kitchen from Great Little Trading Company is such an absolute pleasure.

It's a great kitchen with all the little features of a real kitchen, so that she can really play like a grown up. Playing with the oven, sink, hob and microwave are all things she's familiar with anyway from her previous play kitchen, but the Sweet Pea Play Kitchen also has a fridge, a washing machine and a clock.

She's been cooking up a storm in cakes and delicious treats since we assembled it for her. The assembly was straight forward; we did assembled it together one evening when the children were in bed, but I do think I could have done it alone if I'd needed to. It was simply a case of putting the screws into predrilled holes, and we followed the instructions that were included with out any trouble.

The design is what really sets this kitchen apart, it's adorable. With cute flower designs, a stainless steel sink, clicking knobs, and all in wood which is always a favourite with me and my children. It really would make a show stopping Christmas or birthday present.

We absolutely love Great Little Trading Company in this house and if you like your children's toys to be fantastically designed and of great quality, then you really must check them out. We have several of their items (and more coming for Christmas) and every single one is brilliant.

We were sent this play kitchen free of charge for the purpose of the review, but all opinions are my own, and we really do love GLTC.

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