him and her {week fifty}

he has been one poorly little man with a high temperature
and none of his usual energy and enthusiasm for everything,
but is kindly sharing the advent calendar chocolates that he doesn't want with his sister,
and has been giving everybody the loveliest cuddles.

she has been one poorly little lady with a horrible cold
and the saddest little face you ever did see,
but is still finding the energy to give her brother some big 'get well soon' hugs,
and is enjoying getting to watch wall-to-wall Disney on the television.


  1. I hope the little ones are feeling better. Mine also had a terrible fever and we end up in hospital wit he oldest, 3 years old. After 15 days (omg...) we are smiling again. xxx

  2. Oh bless them! Such sweet photos though. Glad they are better now! x


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