me and mine {october}

Daddy is loving
* Christmas chocolate being out in the shops.
* the beautiful girl saying "Look at that" in the little way she does.
* going to Legoland.
* playing catch with the beautiful boy.
* watching The Walking Dead.

Mummy is loving
* a family day at Legoland.
* her new leather jacket.
* reading City of Bones.
* a trip out for afternoon tea with the girls.
* handbags instead of changing bags.

The beautiful boy is loving
* watching Team Umizoomi.
* playing hide and seek. 
* talking to us about Autumn and how the leaves are all changing.
* Polly, Progon and Which; the stones he has named in Nanny and Pops' garden.
* chocolate pillows for breakfast.

The beautiful girl is loving
* singing and dancing to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.
* eating cheese.
* her new dolls house.
* Mummy's old Sylvanian Families toys.
* rabbits.

And so another month has past,
and we are hurtling towards the end of 2014 at a fast pace.
This month has been a little slower for us,
which has been lovely, and very much needed.
We've still had some lovely days out and family adventures,
but there has been plenty of down time too
as we all settle into busy week days,
and making the most of simple time together at home.

It's never too late to join in with Me and Mine,
and to start making a habit of capturing photos of your family together.
As our collection of photos grows 
I really love looking back at older ones,
and seeing how we've changed and how the children have grown.
I can remember last year's October Me and Mine photos being taken;
it really feels like a few weeks back,
but looking at the changes in the children is just crazy.

Every month I suggest you go on to visit one of my Me and Mine cohosts
and this month I am sending you to visit Katie.
Her blog is Mummy Daddy Me and it's crammed full of her lovely adventures
as mummy to two gorgeous girlies and wife to her Mr E,
go and check her out if you haven't already.

dear beautiful


  1. Loving the autumnal feel of your Me and Mine photos this month!! We have a little girl here who loves Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow too, and I love the named stones! That's just hilarious!

  2. Stunning photos, as always and I'm so glad you've had a slower month - ours has been the opposite so I'm hoping for a quiet November before the madness of Christmas xx
    p.s. Nice new leather jacket!

  3. Oh these are gorgeous photos - what a beautiful park too! And wow, handbags not changing bags - I can't even fathom that there will be a time without changing bags!!

  4. Love your photos, really glad I have started to take part in this project. Life is flashing by and I'm worried I'm not capturing it for our little lady. I hope you had a great time at legoland we really missed going this year.

  5. Lovely photos, I don't know how you always get the kids looking happy in them! Mine don't seem to like the camera at all

  6. Oh wow there is such a difference between your photos last year and this year's photos. Glad you have had a slower month and how lovely to be moving from changing bags to handbags - still a way off that one myself! Lovely photos as always :-)

  7. Gorgeous photos. I wish I had my old Sylvanian Families to give to Miss C. They are fab!

  8. I love your new leather jacket too. Lovely photos, love the Autumn colours so much! Your photos always look so natural and I's so impressed your little ones will look at the camera :) xx

  9. What a beautiful setting this month Lucy! Lovely pics as ever — I especially like the last one. Your beautiful boy is looking more and more like you as time goes on! He's your 'mini-me'!! x

  10. Lovely autumnal photos this month. This year seems to have gone so fast. I'm really glad I decided to join in with Me & Mine - I'm looking forward to putting all the pictures together at the end of the year (and then doing it all again next year!)

  11. Jealous you moving from changing bags to hangbags. It will be awhile off for me yet. I will live vicariously through you then for now. Love your outfit too! Lovely photos as always you make me "ahhh" when I see your beautiful family together. Look forward to meeting them all tomorrow! Gorgeous post so glad you host these beautiful family portrait linkys and I got on board. I will love to look back at them all someday. This month we were a little lazy on the photo it was just an iphone snap after trick or treating and a park hop the other week. I don't know where October has gone. It snuck up on me too quickly this month.

  12. Great family photos, Lucy. Very Autumnal feeling. I hope that things slow down a bit for us in November too - time seem to be racing away as it always seems to as Christmas approaches. Team Umizommi is one of my First Boy's obsessions too. It drives me mad but it's 20 minutes of peace! Thanks again for hosting such a great linky. I am looking forward to building up a store of family portraits, now our family is complete.

  13. I love these photos, feeling so sweet.

  14. Gorgeous photos, as always!

    Sorry if this is a double comment, not sure if last one went through. :)

  15. Stunning photos, they are so so lovely! x

  16. Beautiful. I love your leather jacket! x

  17. Wonderful photos, your little two are adorable! x

  18. Lovely - Addison has just requested Sylvanian for Xmas - I am quite excited xx

  19. Beautiful photos and lovely linky, thank you for hosting! :) xx

  20. Love this post! We need to start taking more family pictures with all 4 of us. Your family is gorgeous Lucy xx

    P.S I really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. I had a great time x

  21. I can't believe I forgot to link up!! :(


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