special treats

I love surprising this little pair. Nothing quite compares to the looks on their faces when I have genuinely surprised them with something they love. Sometimes I'll build a den at nap time, or I'll set up their toys before I go to bed so that they can get straight on with playing when they get up in the morning, or I might spontaneously suddenly decide at lunchtime that we are going to go to the bakery for sausage rolls instead of the usual sandwiches at home. I don't do it every day, or even every week, but once in a while; and they always love it.

With it being half term, these two were enjoying a lot of lovely sibling bonding time. The introduction of preschool into our lives has been fun, but its nice to have a break from it for a week, and get back to the important business of wall-to-wall playing with your best friend.

So with it being half term, I decided a special treat was in order. So I baked devils food cake cupcakes, and set up a special little post nap snack for my two favourite people. And their happy little faces certainly didn't disappoint.

They loved their bottles of milk with windmill straws, and their matching chocolate cakes. And I loved watching them.

We were kindly sent the bottles, straws, cake cases and decorations, and plates by The Little Things, and simply asked to have some fun with them, who can say no to an offer like that? Their site is crammed full of gorgeous party things and I'm already planning the little man's birthday party for next year based on some of the lovely things on there.

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  1. Ahh this is so lovely. I love the windmill straws too. They look great. The kiddos looked like they had a great time with these! I am in love with the little things party accessories. Planning MM second birthday with some of their themes items. So fun! ;)


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