siblings {october}

Last month as I sat down to write my Siblings post,
I had this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach,
about something beautiful which was about to be spoilt.
My little twosome have become thick as thieves over the summer months
and with the impending start of preschool for our little man,
I was so worried what affect that time apart was going to have on their relationship.

Well that worry was entirely needless.
In fact these two are proof positive that the old saying
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is truth.
Because their mornings apart only seem to have made them closer.
They squeal with excitement when they are reunited each day
and they make up for lost time in the afternoons by doing everything together.

In fact I will confess,
these photos of them this month are some of my favourites of them, ever.
They actually bring a big wet tear to my eye
and a big fat lump to my throat.
Sure, they are a bit grainy where I had to crank the ISO to make up for the dim overcast light,
and nothing about the set up is especially exciting.
But this is them,
100%, completely, totally and utterly them.

Something about their relaxed smiles,
something in the way the giggles travel all the way to their matching eyes,
something in the completely obvious love and adoration between them
even while they just play a silly game with their brother and sister bunnies;
well it just makes me so incredibly proud
that those two crazy little creatures are mine,
and so proud that they love each other so damn much.

So with that little bit of proud mummy soppiness out of the way,
it just leaves me to flag up one of my lovely co-hosts for you to go and check out.
And this month its Kelle over at Dinky and Dandy that I'm going to insist you go and visit.
Kelle's site is full of some of the coolest kid stuff around,
which fits perfectly, 
because she also happens to have two of the coolest kids on the planet.
You can also buy a little slice of the coolness in her shop too,
so check that out while you're there.
Go and see if you don't believe me,
you won't be disappointed.

And now all that's left for me to do
is hand over to you all.
I can't wait to see your sibling loveliness linked up below.

dear beautiful


  1. Lol. Sitting here with my three year old and she started laughing when she saw the BB with that rabbit on his head. No wonder his little sister's amused! Lovely pics nd a very similar message to mine this month... So wonderful how these little ones surprise us and throw our anxieties to the wind! Thanks again for hosting! #siblings

  2. Aww they're gorgeous pictures and definitely capture the closeness that you describe, I'm not surprised they bring a lump to your throat - and I'm so glad that preschool doesn't appear to have dinted their relationship :)

  3. Oh my goodness! How big has BG gotten? She suddenly looks so grown up! Beautiful photographs darling. I love moments like these between siblings x

  4. Such gorgeous photos - so much love in them and your two little ones are so adorable together. They look like they have so much fun and I am so glad that both of them have adjusted so well to your beautiful boy being at preschool x

  5. Gorgeous photos! I know just what you mean about worrying over separation, too, as my eldest started school, but like you, I needn't have worried :)

  6. Awww they are so sweet together. It's great to hear their relationship hasn't been impacted by BB starting pre-school. x

  7. OMG! These photos are beautiful. I agree I love the candid shots and shows them in their true happy beautiful fun selves. I love it and your words almost made me cry. I had a lump in my throat as I feel the same towards mine and I know exactly what you are describing. How lucky are we? I am so worry how it will change when Buba starts primary school but I hope its just like this coming home each day and them being tighter than ever. Thanks for hosting gorgeous.

  8. They look so happy in each other's company, just the best of friends x

  9. I always love reading how close your too, it gives me hope for when my two who are close in age get a bit bigger. Such lovely photos as always xx

  10. aww lovely smiles! so happy together :)

  11. These are such lovely photos Lucy, they look so happy Nd content in each other's company. And those smiles definitely reach their eyes, such a happy moment to capture with your camera. It's so nice to see how close they are on your blog. Xx

  12. I love these photos, and I love your post. It brought a tear to my eye. They have such a great connection, I love that school hasn't ruined this very special bond x

  13. I can see why you love these so much Lucy, you've really captured a gorgeous moment between them. I don't think there's much that can top seeing your children getting on so well together and having fun. I know that I love peeping in on my girls when they are playing - it's like they have their own little world together. xx

  14. Awwww they look so sweet! I had such a great relationship with my sister - My mum always said that the worst punishment she could ever dream up for us was separating us from each other. I can't wait to give Archie a ittle brother or sister to play with & love...

  15. I love the way BG is looking at BB like he is THE funniest person in the whole world! I can totally see how you got emotional looking at these, so lovely x

  16. They are so sweet!! And I just love those little bunnies.


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