chocolate treats

Since I officially became a (pre)school run mum
I've really started to see the appeal of a hot drink when I get home from drop off.
I've never been much of a hot drink fan,
and just tend to have a hot chocolate on very cold wintery days,
and will avoid tea and coffee like the plague.

But there is something so nice about the ritual of walking through the door,
putting on the kettle,
and then sitting down with a warm drink in my slightly quieter house.
I inevitably have to let my beautiful girl have a slurp
... she is a chocoholic after all.
When the drink is drunk I will go about my day,
doing jobs or playing with the little miss,
with a nice warm belly full of something yummy and sweet.

And did you know this week is chocolate week?
As if we needed another excuse to eat chocolate hey?
And the lovely people at Whittards sent me a box full of yummy chocolatey treats to celebrate;
some of their delicious hot chocolates,
some salted caramels (utterly amazing) and chocolate mallows (like little chocolate clouds),
and of course a big tub of mini marshmallows,
because no hot chocolate is really complete without those.

The white hot chocolate is strawberry flavoured,
its light and sweet and yummy.
This is a particular favourite with my mini taste tester.
There is a chilli hot chocolate 
which I was a little dubious of, not being a massive chilli fan,
but chilli and chocolate is one of those food combos that just works.
And then a 55% cocoa drinking chocolate
which gives that unparalleled chocolate hit,
for when its been a particularly difficult or cold or rainy school run.

Thanks to Whittards who sent me this lovely collection to try out.
All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh this all sounds amazing! I love my hot drinks! And marshmallows! <3 Xx


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