him and her {week twenty-four}

 he is a fearless little daredevil
who cannot get enough of playing in the water
and who will do just about anything when bribed with ice-cream.

she is the cutest thing on earth when the wind gets in her hair,
has decided that the sea is lovely after all,
and loves ducks, ducks and more ducks.


  1. Ahh love the summery photos, you could be abroad in these pics. That's the beauty of the UK in the sunshine, when it actually makes an appearance there is no where I would rather be. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics from your holiday. xx

  2. The picture of the BG does not look like the UK at all! Ice cream is definitely the best bribery tool too

  3. Oh these photos are just perfect. I want to be there!! BB with her lovely sandy feet and his grown up board shorts, BG and her wind swept hair, sitting in the shallow water. Your children, and photos, are just beautiful! x

  4. Oh what stunning pictures - I'm guessing you had an amazing holiday, it's just so beautiful and so gorgeously sunny!

  5. Beautiful, I am not sure how Addison would respond to the sea, awful that we never go and only 15 mins away x

  6. Love these photos, they are my absolute favorites of yours. You look like you are all abroad. So jealous of your seaside adventures lately. Loving your new blog layout too, keep forgetting to say. I love to scroll down and go through your amazing posts and make sure I don't miss one!!! I can't wait to take the kids back home and take them to the beach that I grew up at!! Make new memories together. LIke you are doing here. So beautiful Lucy!!! Look forward to meeting you friday!!!


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