better together

I feel so lucky that my children adore each other as much as they do.
I know that, with siblings, these things are never a given
and that their relationship could and will change in phases and over time.
But when you have a second child
it's very much a voyage into the unknown,
and I know I spent a good proportion of my second pregnancy
looking forward to seeing my two children together,
but also worrying that we could be about to seriously rock the boat.

But the truth is that seeing them together
is a million times more amazing than I ever could have thought it would be,
and I shouldn't have wasted that time worrying.
Families are all different,
children adapt quickly,
and you always end up with the perfect fit for your own brood.

Nothing really prepared me for the pride at seeing them interact,
seeing that they actually really like one another.
And ever since our beautiful girl got up off her bottom
and started walking around
their relationship has gone from strength to strength.
I just love how playful and close they are.
And it makes me love them both even more,
just by seeing how much they love each other.

The arrival of some warmer weather
has marked another change in their relationship.
When we are home together,
they happily play with the same toys alongside each other,
but they very much co-exist most of the time.
But take these beautiful babies of mine outside
and they become a real team of two.

The whole world is an adventure;
and when it comes to adventures
these two always want to share them with one another.
Our big boy's fiercely protective big brother side comes out,
and he is so good at keeping his little sis out of trouble and danger.
While our little lady's cheeky grin and encouraging giggle
mixed in with her fearless personality,
sees the two of them daring each other on
being more adventurous 
and exploring things together.

They are so in sync as they run around together, 
that their bodies often mimic or mirror one another.
And the way they seem to be constantly checking where the other is
is nothing short of heart melting.
There is something so special in the way that they want to share their experiences,
and something so magical in seeing it;
those moments when they reach out towards each other,
those moments when they exchange a look and smile,
those moments when they decide without words what they'll do next.

For them, this big wide world is definitely better when they're together. 


  1. I cannot wait until our Little Man can walk, I think that will open up a whole new level of interaction like your BB and BG have. Your photos really capture their happy companionship, beautiful post x

  2. It's like Winnie the Pooh says, "it's so much friendlier with two"! It's one of the big unknowns, whether or not your children will get along, and like you I wondered and hoped through my second pregnancy, and I'm wondering and hoping all over again now!

  3. This is so lovely. My two get on well, but they are not like this yet (I still have hopes). I hope the BB and BG always have a friend in each other x

  4. So sweet, that photo of them both smiling at the camera is lovely, BG looks so cheeky. I am really looking forward to seeing mine when LL can walk as I think it will be the start of lots of adventures to come. x

  5. Ah I love these photos! And it's fab that they get on so well. Tiger and Cherry have really started to get on well lately, they still try and annoy each other one minute later and I have to split them up but they've also been playing together so nicely. He adores her and shouts Yiya everytime he sees her, it's taken a year but I'm finally starting to see the payoff for all this hard work!! x

  6. Gorgeous photos as always, I can see how great their relationship is xx

  7. Beautiful photos, they sound like my two. They always do things together and if one gets something they always make sure the other gets it too. It's so lovely seeing them so close isn't it?!

  8. It always looks like BG is wanting to be right by her brother, super cute, I am hoping once Deacon can walk the play between Addy and him will change for the better x


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