him and her {week twenty-six}

 he is collected grazed knees and bruised shins like trophies of his adventures,
is learning to spell different words at a tremendous rate,
and has caught world cup fever (a little too late for England.)

she was the most adorable tiny dancer at her first ballet class,
loves eating watermelon and doesn't care how sticky she gets,
and will laugh hysterically if you do 'jazz hands' at her.


  1. Aww there is something just irresistibly cute about little girls in ballet class!

  2. Oh you must be just so utterly proud! Aww..Haha at jazz hands! :) xx

  3. That photo of her in the cot may be the most beautiful photo I have ever seen! x

  4. ahh bless looks like he has the soccer down and I am dying to find a ballet class for Missy Moo, glad to hear BG loves it I might give it a go. What's the best age to start her do you think? Buba is getting into his soccer majorly too. Someday we will have to get the kids together for a play date! lol :)

  5. Gorgeous photos f gorgeous kiddies! Looks like he's pretty nifty with the football!


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