me and mine {november}

Daddy is loving
* watching things on Amazon video.
* visiting Vienna for work.
* playing Call of Duty.
* a nice day out as a five in London.
* eating Christmas chocolates.

Mummy is loving
* a lovely day in London seeing The Snowman.
* planning baby blankets to make for friends.
* seeing how many friends the beautiful boy has made at school. 
* how much the beautiful girl loves her dance classes.
* that our little lady loves sleep so much.

The beautiful boy is loving
* anything and everything to do with shapes.
* holding onto the buggy when we walk to school.
* his special afternoons with Mummy at school.
* reading everything in sight.
* eating "Mister Choc" bars.

The beautiful girl is loving
* watching Frozen Fever on a loop.
* helping with her baby sister's nappy changes.
* singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".
* pizza.
* jam on toast.

The beautiful little lady is loving
* sleep.
* milk.
* cuddles.
* smiling at people.
* bath time with her big bro and sis.

And just like that another month is behind us. What is it about parenthood that seems to speed your life up so much? And I swear that with each child we've added to our family time speeds up a little more. I simply can't believe that our littlest one has been with us a month a half already, it seems like yesterday that she was born... but then it's already impossible to imagine life without her in our family. I really think that having these monthly portraits of us all together are really going to showcase how much she, in particular, grows and changes; she already looks so much bigger than she did in last month's Me and Mine photos.

I officially really dislike November for taking photos. The days are so short and the daytime that we do actually get tends to be dark and dingy. And while December manages to save itself by having lots of twinkly lights to make it warm and cozy, November is just plain dark and I'm pretty glad to be putting it behind us. That said, I do really like our photos this month... we made the best of the slightly depressing weather. It was blowing a gale, trying to rain and practically dark when we headed out to take ours. But I actually really like them. They are perfectly imperfect, just like family life, and just like November.

I'm sending you to visit Alex and her boys over at Bump to Baby this month. And I know she's been battling the dismalness of November too by doing battle with germs. Although she's got gorgeous snaps to share with you, even if they are only just getting over flu, so do go and check her out.

dear beautiful


  1. Ah I love the colour despite the time of year. You all look so happy xx thank you for hosting x

  2. Aww so cute. I love the umbrella and despite the weather you're all smiling. I agree about November & yay for twinkly lights x x #meandmine

  3. She really had changed already! Lov your umbrella, really brightens up a miserable day xx

  4. BB looks so cheeky in these photos! I don't know how you all manage to look so lovely on a wet and cold November day.

    Gorgeous photos. Thank you for hosting.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. I love your pictures this month. I'm totally feeling you on November though. Lol xx

  6. I really love these pics Lucy! We have the same umbrella and it's the perfect backdrop (as well as helping to battle that horrible weather!) You can really see how your littlest one has changed in just a month! It's so interesting as I see much of R in BG and so much of you in BB but a real mix in your little lady! x

  7. The umbrella was a great addition to these photos, I cannot believe how much your little one has grown already! I know what you mean about November photos, mine are us being blown around but also we had lots of fun!

  8. Oh Lucy dear my favorite family captures of yours. These are fantastic last minute wind storm and how you make them so fun and beautiful is pure talent babes. Princess is growing up so fast I can believe it. Makes bb and bg look so grown up. Gorgeous photos this month hunny!!!

  9. YES to this! Oh November has not be kind at all weather wise and I find I have to really pick myself up instead I would be totally beaten by the grey! Love the umbrella and the happy smiles, and yes your little one seems so alert, we need them all to stop growing just for a tiny bit! Thank goodness we have these photos, so lovely to have this record xxx

  10. I love your colourful umbrella backdrop. You all look so beautifully happy and relaxed. Your little lady has grown so much since your last photo, its crazy how fast they grow, and how fast our time passes by now we are parents, like you say! Thank you for hosting xx

  11. Loving the use of the rainbow umbrella! You all look so happy in these photos despite the grey weather. Your little lady is growing so quickly! Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for hosting xo

  12. Love the pop of colour with the umbrella!!! I have really disliked November for how dark and dank it's been, I've found it so depressing! I'm SO excited for December to finally arrive tomorrow!!! x

  13. Such cute photos Lucy, I think they are totally natural and beautiful and that little girl is growing up so much already! I'm with you on November, what a horrible month is has been, I'm already on Christmas countdown and I would love to see less rain! xx

  14. Beautiful photos Lucy, that umbrella works a treat for adding some much needed colour on a dreary November day. Your little lady is growing fast! You all look so happy, and stunning despite being windswept xx

  15. These are lovely photos! I love the colour of the umbrella. It just brightens up a dreary day! x

  16. Gorgeous photos of your family Lucy - I love the colourful umbrella and you can really see the resemblance between all three of your children - your littlest lady looks so much like her brother and sister. Love her rather unimpressed expression in the first photo - maybe she was sharing your thoughts on November! Thanks for hosting :-)

  17. Beautiful pictures-that umbrella could keep away all those dull days its perfect! X

  18. I love these photos! The umbrella really brightens the photos! Love imperfect perfect photos :) x

  19. I've only recently come across this feature and love it!! I published my first ever Me and Mine post this morning :-). Thanks so much for hosting Lucy! Your pictures are stunning.

  20. Gosh — she's growing SO quickly!!! It's just amazing — I can already see how much she looks like her big sister!! Amazing that we've almost completed yet another year of Me and Mine!! Lots of love to you and yours xx #MeandMine

  21. Ahh hello littlest one :) she's really just taking it all in her stride, so cute. I think the last photo is my favourite, brilliant capture!

  22. Fantastic photos, lovely as always. I'm so glad you are enjoying being a five x

  23. These are perfect Lucy and you all look so happy as a family of five! xx

  24. Lovely pics as a family of five. Love the splash of colours from the umbrella!

  25. I'm wildly impressed that you made it outside despite the rain - what a gorgeous shot and your littlest lady steals the show - she's absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Aww she is so cute. You're so perfect as a five, it's like she's always been there xxx this picture is stunning, so happy xxx

  27. Aaw, I love these photos! Even in this dreary weather, they look all bright and cheerful. Gorgeous family xx #MeandMine


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