him and her and her {week forty-five}

he had a glowing report from his school parents evening,
is really enjoying practising writing little notes,
and loves telling us all about his school friends in other year groups.

she is such a little social butterfly,
who seems to know every single child at dancing and preschool by name,
and is currently obsessed with dressing up and being a fairy.

she has been loving having baths with her big brother and sister,
is starting to outgrow some of her smallest sleepsuits,
and is still sleeping amazingly (and we're still worried about tempting fate when we say that.)


  1. Aww I can't believe how grown-up the oldest two seem compared to their teeny tiny baby sister!

  2. Ah look at your littlest little tiny face! You have three gorgeous children x

  3. Oh I am sooo behind on commenting so sorry but I am reading and I love that little princess is now in the mix of him her and little her too! She is precious. Sounds like the big ones are being great siblings to her too! Always makes the older siblings seem older and bigger when you bring a newborn home doesn't it?


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