scarves, watches and growing up so fast {little loves}

This is my littlest love, the littlest sister... only she's not so little anymore. I got seriously emotional this week about the fact that I've already had to pack away the newborn and 1 month size clothes, because she's growing so damn quickly. And amongst the clothes that went away was that 'little sister big dreams' sleepsuit, which she came home from hospital in a few short weeks ago. Back then then sleeves were rolled up and her little legs got lost inside it, but since then she's filled it out well and truly. Slow down a bit time, I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to the newborn days just yet. 

It's been rather manic around here again... and I'm starting to think that maybe 'manic' is just 'life'. But it means that having started taking part in {little loves} I then missed the following week... failing at the second hurdle. Ooooops, but I'm back now!

We've all been struck down one by one with a stinking cold over the past couple of weeks. That's Autumn for you I guess. But fingers crossed that we've put it behind us now, as we have a busy friend-filled weekend ahead.

The dreaded lurgy means that I've not spent anywhere near as long reading blogs as I do normally this past week. But a few have really stood out to me...

The terrible, no good weekend from Who's The Mummy?
I think the horrible news from Paris has weighed heavily on a lot of us ever since. I've always found these stories heartbreaking, but never more so than now I'm a parent; because it makes you so aware of how lucky life can be and by contrast how fragile it is. But like Sally, I saw far too many people on social media get wrapped up in the politics of how we each respond to these kind of tragedies, and it made me really sad. Sally says it far better than I could, so go and have a read.

Boys or Girls: does it really matter when you're one? from Space for the Butterflies
I loved this post from Carie about the difference between boys and girls, or rather the lack of difference. I think people often get far to hung up on how to bring up boys and girls differently, when really they are all just children. This post definitely struck a cord with me as I bring up a boy and a girl who like to break the stereotypes as much as they like to conform to them.

Siblings in November from Gingerlillytea
Keri-Anne always takes such beautiful photos of her daughters, but I absolutely adored her photos from the Siblings linky this month. So dreamy and classic, and kind of remind me of being a child myself. Just beautiful.

I've been watching quite a few YouTube videos of late and have been making the time to watch every single one from Daily Bumps. I came across the Daily Bumps channel quite a while ago, it's basically the daily vlogs of a family in California. But I started watching them more regularly when they got pregnant around the same time as us. Missy's due date was actually only 3 or 4 days after mine, so it was fun following her pregnancy when it was so close to mine, and now I'm loving watching them find their way as a new family of four. I think there is something so nice as a new parent, whether it's your first time, your second or your third time, about finding people at the same stage as you. I'm sure that's why parenting blogs are so popular. It's just so nice to know that other people are going through the same things.

My husband got me this watch for my birthday, and one of the reasons I wanted it so much was that it has changeable straps, so in theory it goes with every outfit. In summer I rocked it with pale blue or yellow straps, but I'm loving getting to use my tan and black leather straps now the season has changed. A grey strap is on my Christmas list.

You'd have to be living under a rock to have missed the fact that Adele is back. And I have to say that I love 'Hello'... along with the rest of the world it would seem. It's just a great tune to belt out on the school run... I'm sure I've given people a few laughs at traffic lights that's for sure. 

(And while I know this photo seems a random choice here, when I posted it on Instagram this week my brother added the caption "Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiide!" and it just really made me giggle! Any one has seen the video for the Adele song will totally get it.)

It's another crochet project I've been making. But a first project that's actually for me instead of for someone else. I knocked this infinity scarf up over a couple of days and I'm loving being all cosy in it on these windier days we've been having.

I'm starting my Christmas shopping so late this year, which is very unlike me. But I'm definitely starting to get that festive feeling. I've been shopping for new decorations and had my first mince pie of the season, so its officially Christmas now I think. What's your "officially Christmas" thing?


  1. It has to be a Christmas mug for me, as soon as I pull it out or buy a new one ... Yay. So lovely to see you here on #littleloves with your gorgeous family x

  2. It's making the mincemeat for me, it fills the house with such a lovely warm spicy fug and it usually leads to the first mince pies of the season too! And thank you for the mention, it's an interesting one and I've loved everyone's different perspectives in the comments :)

  3. I love that you join in with this - although you missed a week - tut tut! hehe. Up until now we have had glimpses into your life but very much through him and her, siblings and me and mine - not the everyday stuff. I love getting to know the ordinary side of bloggers I feel I know and this is lovely. Your scarf is gorgeous and I'm impressed you made it yourself. Have a wonderful weekend with your manic new life :) x

  4. That scarf is pretty impressive miss, how do you find the time?! Christmas starts for me in November although I usually have already started my shopping by then! x

  5. Lovely post. That scarf is gorgeous. I want one! The newborn days pass so so quickly. Soak them up xx

  6. Oh darling that scarf is amazing, great blog posts recommended and now I am watching and catching up on daily bumps making me broody all over again. The best part your beatuiful little princess though she is precious and they really do grow up way too fast don't they? Seems like our first babies don't go as fast as the second so I can imagine the third even faster still. Love your #littleloves roundup

  7. Wow, your scarf looks amazing, well done you. Your little girl is gorgeous, it's frightening how quickly those newborn days pass by isn't it? xxx

  8. Oh man, that Adele song is fab isn't it? Although her song is on permanent repeat in my head!
    Loving the infinity scarf, you clever thing you, it's perfect for this time of year.
    So happy to have you joining in, I'm just sorry it's taken me this long to head on over and have a read! xxx


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