{flump} the pregnancy diaries - five months

So, I'm back with another monthly pregnancy vlog. Thank-you so much to everybody who was so lovely and enthusiastic about my first foray into vlogging, I am so excited to be keeping a video diary of sorts with all my feelings surrounding this pregnancy. This month I am talking 20 week scans, gender reveals, movements, growing and how the children feel about getting a sister.

This month has definitely seen a lot of growth bump wise, although I'm still measuring quite a bit smaller than I did last time (and sadly no photos or measurements from the first time around - something I don't think I'll ever really stop regretting.)

You can see my four month blog post (with bump photos) and my four month vlog here to see how things have changed from last month. And you can have a peek at my previous pregnancy bump photos here and have a little compare, week 18 and week 22 are just crazy different. Although I do think that I'll probably catch up a bit over the coming month, watch this space.

I mentioned in my four month post that I'm excited to be working with The Essential One throughout this pregnancy, and I wrote up a four month post for them with all the details of how that month went. There will be a five month post coming on their blog very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I have also been lucky enough to be testing out the Secret Saviours Support Band, and it's accompanying Day Gel and Night Cream. I haven't used a support band in previous pregnancies, but this time around I've definitely suffered a bit more with muscular pain across my lower bump. My midwife assures me that it is largely to do with the fact that I have started out this pregnancy with pretty tight stomach muscles, and that the extra weight and pressure is just giving me discomfort. The fact that I am teaching dance three mornings a week, and dancing another evening in the week probably isn't helping either. While it's definitely keeping me fitter and less tired to be so active, my bump definitely complains about it a bit at times. I felt like just some added support across the bump would really help, so when Secret Saviours got in touch and offered me a band and creams to review, I was keen to try out their product.

You can read all about the theories behind how it works here, but basically you cover your belly in the Day Gel before putting on the Support Band. The gel helps to keep the band in place, and also can help to reduce your chances of stretch marks by keeping the skin still and supported. Then at night you take the band off and massage in the Night Cream.

I can't speak for it's stretch mark avoiding properties, as I think it's probably a little early, plus I managed to avoid them in previous pregnancies, so it may just be that I have good genes when it comes to stretch marks. But I can attest to the fact that I've found the support amazing. It's comfortable and gives me just the right amount of give while still feeling like it's holding me securely... and both the gel and cream smell gorgeous.


  1. I didn't realise that we are due at the same time! Really enjoyed your vlog and have subscribed for the rest. We are having our gender scan the day before Britmums!! I still feel a bit pants, so not sure I have it in me to do anything spectacular for the reveal. Great to follow someone at the same gestation x

  2. Lovely vlog! So exciting to know what you are having. BB is so sweet! What a great big brother he is. x

  3. I'm loving your updates - you'll be up for best baby/pregnancy blogs at next year's awards!x

  4. OH Lucy your vlogs are soooo amazing. Loving the pregnancy updates and it's amazing BB had it from the start as did most of your family. I for one (because I matter haha) so glad you found out. I thought girl from the start and should have never been swayed at the end. lol Can't believe you are way more than half way through it already time is just flying by!!!! You look fabulous as always darling.

  5. Absolutely love your blogs Lucy, the lighting is gorgeous too! I had the same worries when pregnant with P, They found something at 13 weeks, then I didn't hear until the 20 week scan and then they just said - what was wrong, because we can't see anything now?!... very odd. But lovely all was well.
    Look forward to seeing your BG bump blossom over the next few months! xx

  6. Loved the video Lucy. I'm so excited for you all x

  7. I'm just a bit ahead of you at 29 weeks so will be following your pregnancy with interest! Really nice blog, glad I found it.
    Aimee x


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