him and her {week twenty-four}

he has been enjoying reading books to his sisters
(which is so adorable it makes me want to cry)
and is a real little joker,
coming out with some real gems this week.

she gets super bossy when she wants a cuddle 
and isn't getting one right away,
has been making "collections" of small things,
and hiding daddy's keys.


  1. I love your beachy days, they always look like the happiest of days. Love BG's hairband x

  2. I love that photo of her. Her outfit is so cute xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love BG's dress x

  4. Oh I do love her hair piece and she is so gorgeous. I swear she should do more modeling. She is just perfect Lucy. I can't wait for there to be another little girl running around soon after her and BB. They will be the best trio ever. Love your beach visits so lucky to live close to the sand. I really need to move down south.

  5. They are both growing up so quickly! I often want to stop time with Bob. Love how BG's flower head dress matches her dress! xx


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