him and her {week eighteen}

he is obsessed with lego,
especially the lego he earned by getting himself undressed and dressed every day,
and is still so excited about getting a new brother or sister.

she won't go to bed at night unless she's said good night to the cats,
loves stealing mummy's french fries,


  1. Miss C is like BG. She loves our cats and has to say goodnight to them all. x

  2. Oh that's so cute she has to say good night to the cats. Bless her. And smart lady for stealing french fries. Something I still do to everyone!!! lol Ladies that stealing french fries have good hearts and live longer. lol BB looks so tall in that photo. I wonder what he was pondering. So cute.

  3. Love these Lucy, wild & free outdoors is the best for kids! x


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