a 55th birthday party {52 adventures}

In my grown up years, pre-children, birthdays became a bit flat. They seem to lose their sparkle a little bit as you grow older and birthdays no longer include lots of wrapping paper, copious cake and a party. But now that we have children, birthdays have come back on our agenda in a big way... because birthdays are a big deal, they are a celebration, and my children are massively partial to birthday celebrations that include cake and Nanny's rice krispie crunch.

So when my lovely old Dad decided he wanted a BBQ to celebrate turning 55, my Mum obligingly got organising. The weather was kind, the BBQ was yummy, my Mum made one of her delicious quiches (seriously those things are amazing - and I'm not just saying that!), and the kids all got in the hot tub and turned it into a bit of pool party.

A simple celebration, but a celebration none the less, and that is what birthdays should be all about.

^ itty bitty bubba feet are just gorgeous
 ^ yes, I'm that mummy... the one who was more worried about getting a photo if she fell in the tub (but there was someone there to catch her HONEST!)
 ^ just about the most enthusiastic "happy birthday" singer that I know
 ^ and he'll help you blow those candles out from across the room too
^ happy birthday Pops!!!

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