me and mine {november}

Daddy is loving
* watching the England win in Glasgow.
* fun trips to feed the ducks.
* going to Preston to visit family.
* finding mini eggs in the shops.
* a fun work's christmas party in Germany.

Mummy is loving
* the countdown to the festive season.
* meeting up with Jenny and family for autumn adventures.
* grey ombre manicures.
* Ben and Jerry's caramel sutra core ice-cream.
* adding a scarf to every outfit.

The beautiful boy is loving
* sticking stickers onto paper.
* dancing.
* christmassy visits to the garden centre.
* that he is 'king number one" in the preschool nativity.
* talking about the autumn.

The beautiful girl is loving
* singing and dancing to the pirate song.
* her new Lulu bunny rabbit toy from Jellycat.
* the fact that her favourite animals (penguins) are everywhere.
* reading books to her toys.
* the John Lewis christmas advert.

And so another month ends... is it just me who thinks that this year has gone really quickly? I can't believe we're about to hit the two year marker on taking monthly family portraits for Me and Mine. A new years resolution I made two years ago has kind of turned into a way of life for us now, and I just can't imagine not taking a photo of us all together every month. 

Each and every month we make memories because we take these photos. I'd be lying if I said that all the memories were amazing; Rich isn't the biggest fan of having his photo taken, and sometimes I can get grumpy when the shot I'm picturing in my head doesn't come together. But we always laugh about it afterwards, and we always look back at our family photos with a smile. 

This month we made a special trip to visit the ducks near the little man's preschool. They are the friendliest and greediest ducks you will ever meet, and our beautiful girl just loves them. They will also trample anyone and anything in their path if you have bread... including standing on your feet to swipe it clean out of your hand. This has happened to me on more than one occasion, but my husband had his first experience of that on this visit... and he freaked out! See what I mean, little memories made in the name of getting a family photo. 

Joining me on this little escapade of monthly photos is Becky, Katie, Lauren and Lucy. Do go and check out their efforts this month.

dear beautiful


  1. I'm wildly impressed you trusted your camera so near to the rampaging hoardes of ducks! They are a lovely set of photos, and you can definitely see just how keen the Beautiful Girl is on her ducks!. It's amazing to think that you've got nearly two years of family photos now, I'm six months behind you but even then the pictures show so many changes big and small and I'm always glad I have them!

  2. I love these. My two would never sit so nicely with so many ducks so close. BG and BB are so brave. I am with Carie too I am impressed you trusted those ducks near your camera. lol Great captures here though hunny. I love them. Congrats on nearly two years of your amazing project. I am loving seeing each month everyone's family grow and change all together. I am also glad I am not the only one that gets grumpy with the Mr when he won't take the photo or says no more photos after a few takes and it doesn't turn out how I anticipated. lol Glad we all can laugh about it afterwards. So beautiful. Thanks for creating such a great project that really made me stop and focus on the family each month as a whole. :) xo

  3. These are lovely Lucy. In fact I think the first one might be my favourite of all of yours. I love the children's coats xx

  4. Your new blog design is beautiful!!
    I failed this year/last year at keeping up with this. It's one of my new year resolutions. Ill be joining with either this one or the siblings. I'm undecided.

  5. Beautiful photos as always. Love the ducks - think I might have got a little freaked out too by them getting so close but you all look like you are having fun in the photos. How lovely to have two years of family group photos to look back on. Thanks for hosting and lovely to link up each month.

  6. Wonderful photos Lucy! Oh dear how funny about the foot incident :) x

  7. I love these, especially the bottom one where you and BB are laughing at each other. So cute. Those are lots of ducks- they do look pretty friendly! I love their little coats too- got to love a duffel coat, Mads had one one year, I can't remember when but I have no why idea why I didn't get it out for LL to use as well- I forget what we have! Particularly topical since Paddington is out and he is the king of the duffel coat! xx

  8. PS The salted caramel Ben and Jerry's is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! We have had three in the last two weeks- oops! But our excuse is our freezer is in the garage and it makes no sense putting it back so we may as well eat the lot. ;) x

  9. Oh my, I love your photos so much! Absolutely stunning family pics xx

  10. Great photos as always - and love the new blog design

  11. Gorgeous photos. Your ducks sound like our ducks. They are so used to people now, they have no fear. It's the seagulls that bother me. They have no fear either! BG is looking so grown up x

  12. Your children's coats are adorable! Love these photos too, they do look relaxed even if you are next to a greedy hoard of ducks xx

  13. Your boy is looking more and more like you each month you post your Me and Mine pics!! It's astonishing just how much he looks like you!!

    Even though you say that all the memories from these monthly pics may not be amazing, they ARE amazing!! They may not reflect the most exciting day you ever had, or you may not have been feeling the best on that particular day, but in years to come you'll look on those 'not so memorable' moments as being totally memorable. The ordinary moments are sometimes the best.

    I was really ill this month for our family pic but even though it was an effort to get out and have the impetus to take the pic, I know that one day I'll look over it and won't remember being ill on that day — or feeling grumpy and harassed on another — I'll just see our little family and will be so grateful we spent the time to take these snapshots of us altogether. CX

  14. Such lovely photos again Lucy - I love the kids' duffel coats! I just wanted to say thank you for coming up with this idea and encouraging others to join in, I'm so glad I started taking our family pictures in January - only one more and we'll have a full 12 months!

  15. What glorious pictures and what a super project. I'm so excited to finally be joining.

  16. Such cute photos with the ducks! Gorgeous x

  17. Seems like everyone had a grump hubby this month! Love the shots with the ducks, they're a bit scary near us so we don't often go near them! x

  18. Lovely pictures! The coats and toggles are super cute, and I'm also loving adding scarves to every outfit!

  19. Such gorgeous natural shots!!! I'd love to get pics like these but ducks terrify me lol! x

  20. Love how all of the ducks invaded your picture, fab! :)

  21. I love this, I can't believe I haven't found it sooner, you've all inspired me, I accidentally managed this in Nov, so here's to keeping it up in 2015!

  22. Gorgeous pictures. Loving the ducks. Paige really likes birds.... Pigeons are a favourite but I don't think they will be joining our pictures hehe x

  23. Loving the photos, what a great idea capturing duck feeding. I really have to work on my Me and Mine photos ;0)

  24. I need to find some greedy ducks near me. I love ducks but they are usually so timid. Gorgeous photos as always!

  25. Lovely outdoor shots of your family. I'm gutted I've not got my act together this month to be in time to join the linky with my own post, although it's on my blog now. Will try harder for December!


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