him and her {week forty-five}

he likes to give us an estimated time for everything he does,
will continually comment on the fact that it's still autumn,
and wants to share everything... especially our food.

she is just desperate to be miss independent,
loves to pretend she's asleep (and then giggle) as soon as we say goodnight,
and is obsessed with penguins.


  1. Your babies are growing up too fast Lucy but they're both as beautiful as ever! Gorgeous photos xxx

  2. Ahhh bless... I spy a beautiful park in the back hahaha :) Love these shots Lucy! Stunning. Your two are so beautiful both inside and out. It was amazing to meet them and have a playdate. I hope it won't be our last. The kids loved them too.

  3. I can relate I love penguins! haha! Lovely photos Xx

  4. Adorable!!

    And by the way, I love your new blog layout!

  5. Gorgeous photos! :)

    Your blog layout looks gorgeous too!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps


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