your twenty-third week

You seemed to be getting more and more mobile all the time.

It was exciting for Mummy and Daddy to see you getting bigger and stronger.
But also a bit scary,
because our home suddenly seemed a bit scarier
now that there was a little boy starting to move about.

You had started to do a 'commando-style' crawl,
where you would lie on your tummy
and wiggle your arms and legs out to the sides.

You could roll all round the living room . . .

. . . and reach the sheepskin rug on the box seats . . .

. . . which looked really interesting and tasty to you.

And you had started to sleep on your tummy.
After spending your whole life sleeping on your back like we had been told that you had to.
But that was how you liked to sleep,
so that is how we left you.

But sometimes,
because you were so confident with rolling in your big boy bed,
you would roll over and bang your head on the bars.

One night you even banged your head repeatedly on the side of your cot.
Mummy and Daddy could hear it in the next room.
Mummy went rushing to your rescue.
But you were still asleep.
Just banging your head.

We had a feeling that it was nearly time. . .

. . . time to start thinking about giving you some solid food.

You still seemed to be thriving on your 'liquid lunches'
but your six month birthday was fast approaching,
so Mummy had to face up to the fact that you were going to need something other than her.

In preparation for starting you on some solid foods when you hit six months,
we had read some weaning books,
bought some ice-cube trays (for freezing baby purees),
got the baby bowls and spoons and food pots ready.

But there was one more thing you were going to need.

So off we went to Ikea for your high-chair.

We thought it was important that you get a test drive.

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