soundtrack of life: song one

The music that you listen to and surround yourself with is the soundtrack to your life.

But right now, Little Man, you are just too little to really know about it.
Other than that you like listening to it.
And that you like Mummy singing to it.
Which probably means that your musical tastes still need to be developed a bit.

Each week Mummy and Daddy are choosing a song which has some significance to your life.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Technically, this song was Mummy's and Daddy's song long before you were even a twinkle.
It was the first dance at their wedding.

So what does it have to do with you?

When we first brought you home from hospital
we spent large proportions of our days
just staring at you.
Even when you were sleeping.
So we didn't really watch much TV,
we just tended to leave it on the music channels as background noise.

You were only three days old
when this song came on the TV.
Daddy looked at Mummy because he knew that it would make her cry.
She smiled at Daddy.

And then the three of us danced together.
Daddy holding Mummy and Mummy holding you.
A little family.

And the last time Mummy and Daddy had danced to it
they had only been a family of two.

Mummy cried happy tears.
(Don't tell anyone, but Daddy did too!)


  1. Just looking back through your posts. I love this idea, and this song. What a wonderful thing to be able to share with your beautiful boy as he grows.

  2. Your post is so sweet! I just imagine your little one reading this when he will grow up...such a nice memory. This is a beautiful song that will last in time I'm sure.


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