your twenty-fourth week

Mummy and Daddy were really excited.

Because after months of dribbling and chewing and chewing and dribbling . . .

You had your very first tooth.

The one on your right hand-side in the middle at the bottom, to be exact.

We had gotten a bit slack on checking your gums lately,
because we seemed to be checking all the time,
and nothing was happening.
And you were, technically, still quite little to be sprouting teeth yet.

But you had come into bed with us for a morning cuddle and nap,
and you kept trying to grab Mummy's fingers for a little nibble.

Well Mummy got a sharp little surprise!

She woke a sleepy Daddy up to show him.

You looked really happy.
It could have been all the fuss Mummy was making.
But we would like to think it was because you were so proud of yourself.

During your twenty-fourth week
Daddy got to go swimming with you for the first time.
He was smiling like an excited little boy in the changing rooms.

You liked having your Daddy and your Mummy there.
You giggled and smiled the whole time.

Daddy kept swimming underwater 
and then popping up to making you jump.
Daddy liked splashing you 
and throwing you up in the air too.

It made him feel really grown-up to be taking his little boy swimming.
He felt really proud of his little family.

You were becoming increasingly interested in the world around you.
Especially about things that were close enough for you to reach.

You were getting more and more curious about your big brothers.
Darcy and Wentworth were getting more curious about you too.

We would hold you up to stroke them 
and then you would pull an excited little smile.

We could already imagine just how fun you were going to find each other over the coming years.

You always enjoyed sitting in your Bumbo.
And now you enjoyed sitting in your new high chair too.

We knew it wouldn't be long before you were sitting up by yourself.

Because you were so nosey
and sitting up gave you a much better view of things.

Well, you decided it was time for another milestone.
So you started to "tripod sit".
With your legs spread apart and your weight balanced on your arms.

You looked like such a big boy.
And you looked so chuffed with yourself.

You loved it when we made you jump.

Peek-a-boo was fast becoming your favourite game.

And the laugh we earned when we played it
was enough to melt our hearts.

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