your twenty-first week

You had a really busy week when you were twenty weeks old.

You finally learned to roll from your back on to your front.

We had been watching you for the best part of a fortnight 
as you would roll on to your side.
You were nearly there. . . but not quite.

And then the first time you decided to actually roll onto your front
. . . we missed it.
Because you decided to do it one morning in your big boy cot.

Mummy and Daddy were met with a super proud smile that morning.

And once you had worked out how to do it there was no stopping you.
Within days you managed to roll the entire length of the living room 
while Mummy was getting a glass of water.

Your love affair with your feet continued.

You liked to grab them when you were having your nappy changed.
Which was quite helpful.
Until we wanted to put a clean nappy on you.
Then we would have to wrestle your feet out of your strong grip 
so that we could do the fresh nappy up.

Plus you had discovered how good they were to chew on.

You were chewing on lots of things and dribbling all the time.

Absolutely anything you could get your hands on got the chewing treatment.

Sometimes you were so busy pushing things into your mouth 
that we thought you were going to make yourself sick.

We were checking your mouth everyday for signs of your first tooth.

You didn't always make it very easy though, 
because whenever we tried to pull your bottom lip back to have a look 
you would cover your gum line with your tongue 
as you tried to lick and chew our fingers.

In your twenty-first week you didn't just stop at one big rolling milestone.

You started to stick your tongue out too.
On purpose.

You would stick your tongue out at Mummy.
She would stick her tongue out at you.
You would try to blow a raspberry.
She would blow a raspberry at you.
Then you would giggle.
And Mummy would giggle too.

You were such a cheeky monkey!

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