the siblings project {march}

This past month has certainly been one of changes. In fact, while I normally feel like time flies from one month to the next, and that when time comes to do a post for The Siblings Project I've barely finished doing the last one... thats definitely not the case this time. Last month's photos feel like there were take absolutely ages ago. We were into the last days in our first home, and change loomed on the horizon. Well change has happened. And not just the obvious big change of address... things have changed between my trio this month too.


home life project {march}

I already feel stupidly nostalgic looking back at last month's Home Life Project post, because as much as I knew that we'd sold our house and would be moving, it didn't really feel real. It didn't feel real on moving day either. And if I stop and think about it, it still doesn't feel real now. 

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