the me and mine project {march}

Rich is loving
* starting some home improvements.
* having Euroshop fun in Dusseldorf.
* Doritos Heatburst.
* finally watching Peaky Blinders Season 3.
* going to the recycling centre every weekend.

Lucy is loving
* interiors shopping.
* hanging washing out on the line.
* smelly candles.
* new make up brushes.
* a lovely Mother's Day out together.

Dylan is loving
* reading his joke book.
* doing a whole school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
* seeing the air ambulance on the school run one day.
* watching Go Jetters.
* having his own bedroom.

Everly is loving
* watching Moana.
* planning her birthday presents... for September.
* playing tea parties with Quinn.
* wearing dresses.
* bedtime reading with Dylan.

Ashlyn is loving
* watching Teletubbies.
* sitting on the stairs and watching the world go by.
* giving kisses.
* eating peas.
* Kit the cat.

After a bit of crazy February, it's been nice to have a more normal March. It's been a new normal, thats for sure, as we've unpacked and started settling into the new house. But it's been lovely to get back into our normal routines a bit more, and enjoy some family time away from home too.

We took these photos on a lovely Mother's Day walk at the coast in Maldon. It was blustery but felt distinctly Spring like... finally. We had lots of fun looking at boats, and chasing sea gulls, and dreaming of owning a beach hut one day, and eating ice creams. These are the kind of days out that we love as a family; simple pleasures, the seaside, just being together in the great outdoors.

And I'm not sure what got into my children that day, but one to two or all of them seem to be stealing the show in every shot, with silly poses and big smiles. I do so love this crazy little family of mine. 

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this month, and make sure you pop by my cohosts (Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy) to see what they've been up to this month too. 

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Wasn't it the most beautiful Mother's Day weekend, I'm going to guess that most peoples photos were taken that lovely sunny weekend!

  2. Looks like a lovely day out and your children are having so much fun together. Family time like this is the best. Glad to hear you're settling in well in to your new house. Getting washing out on the line is always lovely. Love that Everly is planning ahead for her birthday! Thanks for hosting #meandmineproject

  3. They're gorgeous pictures, what a lovely spot to have so close to you. I'm glad everything is settling down after the house move, it's amazing how quickly somewhere becomes home :)

  4. So happy you're settling into your new home nicely, it's so much work moving with kiddies isn't it, trying to keep things normal when in fact it's not! Love your little updates and I seriously can't believe how big Quinny is looking, soon my littlest will be toddling about! It's crazy when you see he littlest joining the running about isn't it! So bittersweet! Lovely photos, daffodils are a must in this season :-) x

  5. What gorgeous pictures! Glad to hear you are settling in the new house - moving is so stressful!

  6. They look like they're having lots of fun and it's so nice to see you're all settled x

  7. Glad to hear you're all settling into the new home - I love getting stuck into a bit of interiors shopping too! Gorgeous photos - so many big smiles and personality!

  8. Those photos are so funny! Do you think they had a word with each other on taking it in turns to steal the show? So pleased you've had a more normal month. Moving house is a busy time, we are just coming to the end of a busy few months from moving. x

  9. Haha I love the silly ones! They've got some brilliant poses going on! Hope you guys have a lovely April in your new home. xx

  10. Great to hear you are settled. I think moving can be an ultra-stressful experience but one that won't need repeating for a long time usually. Lovely photos. Thanks for hosting, I've joined in for the first time this month :)
    Sophie x

  11. The crazy shots are the best shots!

  12. The kids look like they're having so much fun! Glad you're settling into your new home xx

  13. What lovely photographs, they're so fun! Good to hear you're settling in well to your new home x

  14. I love the children's crazy poses it looks like you all had a great day. I really want to try the new doritos. Teletubbies is also also on in our house quite a bit at the moment.

  15. Fab photos. Love the crazy poses from the kids. They always look like they're having so much fun!

  16. So pleased you're settling in to the new house well. I enjoyed your moving vlog. Love your photos for this month, your kiddies always look so happy x

  17. These photos are fab and perfectly sum up life with 3 little ones! Glad you are settled in your new home x

  18. I love the pictures with the boat as a backdrop, lovely memories of a great day out. Nice to hear you are settled in your new home, it always is chaos when moving

  19. Yeyy! Another Moana fan. I think that's my new fave Disney film and Eva loves it. I adore the beach hut picture x

  20. A gorgeous collection of photos as always Lucy!

  21. What gorgeous photos and glad to hear you are settling in to your new home :) This is the first month i have joined in so a little nervous! lol #meandmine

  22. Glad you're settling in well, I bet it's been lovely to have a bit more calm now! Love this pictures, especially the silly poses haha xx

  23. Lovely photos and nice to hear you're all getting used to your new normal x

  24. Love the last few photos, so funny! You can tell the kids are in silly moods, so cute! :) x

  25. Dylan dancing is just the cutest! These are such fun photos Lucy I love them!! Have a lovely month xx

  26. Looks like you had a wonderful time - you always all look so happy and content in your photos - just beautiful. xx

  27. Agree with what is poured in this blog, family is the number 1 in life to guide them into useful human beings
    Greetings and success are always for you and your family


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