home {a little life update}

I think it'll take a little while yet before we feel "settled", but we're definitely on our way now. In fact it was only as I edited this video of moving day that I realised just how far we've come. How despite my emotions over leaving the old place; we've not looked back since. How even though we look around and still feel the desire to "put our stamp" on these walls; we've come a long way already. How much more at home we are feeling in our home now.

Rich and I still look at one another and say we can't believe we live here. And how we don't feel grown up enough for such a proper grown up house. 

I've had a lot of people asking if I would do a house tour. And here it is... of sorts! This is the bare bones of our house, with no furniture and none of the things that make a house a home. It gives you an idea of space, but not of what I envisage when I look around. It might take us a while to get to that point... but get there we will. So you can definitely expect more house tours, and room makeovers, as we transition this place from a house into a home that feels truly ours.

I have been loving getting stuck into shopping for the new spaces. So much so that I shared a haul of some of my recent homeware purchases. I love watching these kind of videos and seeing the things that other people pick up. So if you do too, then you can check it out here. Or you can check out lots more hauls here.


  1. I'm really happy for you all, you can see just how much this house means to you in your video. Yes, there is lots to do to make it yours, but that is part of the fun. I love that your nan has left Everly her dressing table, that is really special. Enjoy your new home x

  2. I didn't realise you had moved Lucy. Love your video and I think my nan had the very same carpet. For some reason it made me quite emotional. I often think of moving but I know I would be an emotional wreck living our home where we have lived for 16 years. Hope you are getting settled x

  3. So pleased for you all. The house looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you do to it :-) x


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