her chariot {silver cross wayfarer eton grey}

We refer to our Silver Cross Wayfarer Eton Grey as our chariot. And that sums up how we feel about it pretty effectively I'd say. It is a classic, quality and high-end piece of baby kit. 

When I was a baby I got to ride around in a traditional Silver Cross pram, there is something so incredibly classic about them. And I've admired various more modern models over the years. So when we were offered the chance to review the Wayfarer in their special edition Eton Grey, I was really excited to finally try out a Silver Cross for myself. Because let's be honest, Silver Cross is kind of an iconic name when it comes to the buggy world. And I was keen to see if it would live up to the hype.

With Ashlyn being our third baby we have put a fair few buggies through their paces over the years, many of which we've really liked, but the Wayfarer Eton Grey is - hands down - the best quality one we have ever used. 

It's actually hard to put my finger on exactly what it is that is so great because it's kind of everthing about it.  It just simply oozes style, thoughtful design and careful manufacturing. Everything about the way that it folds, unfolds and clips together is smooth, with satisfying clicks in all the right places as it locks into place. It pushes like a dream, with a great turning circle and effective suspension so that it's precious cargo doesn't get jiggled too much. It just screams quality every step of the way.

And the design... oh the design. I am in love with the Eton Grey. With its gender neutral colour making it perfect for both a boy or girl baby; it is so effortlessly stylish, with gorgeous design details that make it clear that this is a special buggy. I also love how much is included; carrycot and pushchair modes, a rain cover, car seat adaptors and a beautiful changing bag. 

I am such a big fan of a proper carrycot pram for a young baby and the carrycot for the Wayfarer is fantastic; hence why we've nicknamed it our littlest lady's chariot. She just looks so cosy and comfy and safe inside it. And it's a good size too, which has lasted us beyond the six months that are recommended. 

We're now moving on to the pushchair stage of use (which I will review at a later date) but if it's anything like as fantastic as it has been as a pram then we won't be disappointed. I can definitely confirm that our first experience of an iconic Silver Cross has definitely lived up to the hype, and the Wayfarer in Eton Grey is simply gorgeous and amazing to use.

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  1. We have the Silver Cross Wayfarer in Damson for Piglet and I have to say it's the best pram I've used. As you say everything fits perfectly, it turns with ease, everything you'd expect from a brand like Silver Cross


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