our thoughts on the snuzpod

I feel like I could really write this entire review in just three words... We love it!

But that doesn't really do a very thorough job of it, and it definitely doesn't do the SnuzPod justice.

I originally planned to write up my thoughts on the Snuz quite a while back when Ashlyn was still very new (like in that top picture - just look how teeny she was!). I mentioned it in my post on how we helped our baby sleep and in my 10 best baby products vlog too, but I decided to hold off a bit on doing my full review. Newborns spend their lives in a cycle of sleep, feed, nappy change, sleep, feed, nappy change, sleep... they aren't the best test subjects. At least Ashlyn wasn't, she just slept whenever and wherever she wanted to. So she was hardly a good judge of what made a good crib. That being said even as a teeny baby, she definitely seemed to prefer snoozing in the SnuzPod to anywhere else, and always had her longest naps in there compared to sleeping in her carrycot, bouncy chair or in our arms.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the SnuzPod concept; it is a bedside crib that attaches onto the side of the parents' bed to keep baby close at night, but with a space all their own. It features a zip down side which allows you to move baby to and from your own bed with ease (definitely a great feature for those inevitable night feeds.) It is technically a 3 in 1 crib, because as well as being used as a bedside crib, it can be used as a stand alone crib or the top bassinet part can be taken off to use alone, for naps elsewhere in the house for example.

Ashlyn has slept in the SnuzPod every single night of her little life... All seven and a half (nearly eight months) of it. And I think that would be my first big endorsement for it. You will categorically get your money's worth because its a much longer lasting product than a moses basket or normal crib. We had a crib for Dylan and Everly, and while it was longer lasting than a moses basket would have been, it was still fairly narrow and both of them were out of it before six months. So to say that our SnuzPod is still in use, and that our little miss still sleeps so comfortably in it is impressive.

The build quality and design of the SnuzPod is honestly second to none. It looks modern, but at the same time, still comfy and cosy. We went for the white one simply because it looked classic and fits the decor of our room the best; but they do it in a variety of different colours which are all gorgeous (Sherbet and Dove Grey get definite thumbs up from me!) I love that the sides are soft fabric for those moments when sleepy baby arms flop out sideways and touch the sides. I can remember with Dylan that he used to wake himself up hitting his hands on the cold wooden sides of his crib, but this hasn't happened once with Ashlyn. Everything is soft in the Snuz, just as you would want it to be for a baby.

I adore the mesh window side which allows me to sneak a peek at our sleeping lady without even needing to sit up from my own pillow. I know lots of people who leave that side permanently folded open while their baby is small, but we always have ours zipped up. I feel like it gives you the best of both worlds; you can see baby easily and they can see you, but they still have their own safe sleep space. I don't need to worry about our duvet ending up over her, or her shuffling across into our bed, but when I need to get her, two quick zips later and she can be slid across into our bed for a cuddle or a feed.

The fact that the bassinet comes off of the base is brilliant. We recently went away for the night and actually took the bassinet with us in the car boot (filled up with all our overnight bags), and Ashlyn slept just as dreamily as she does at home... because she was still in her own bed, albeit miles from actual home. When she was younger we sometimes brought the bassinet into our living room for her to doze in the evenings, as it was nice to know that she was comfy and safe but where we could still keep an eye on her.

The base of the Snuz has a built in shelf, which we use to store spare wipes, nappies, and an assortment of other baby paraphernalia which we don't need out at all times. I think it's great that this otherwise wasted space under where the baby sleeps can be utilised, especially as having a baby sleeping in your room can often put space at a premium. We also have the storage pocket that hangs on the end of the Snuz, which is brilliant for storing those things that you might want easy access to in the night. I keep tissues, nipple cream and a muslin cloth in mine so that I can grab those at a moments notice without needed to get out of bed.

The mattress from Little Green Sheep is such amazing quality. It's firm and supportive, but also so so soft. And it gives amazing piece of mind to know that its only made with the very best luxury, natural materials. It is without doubt the best quality baby mattress I have ever come across (and after three children we've had our fair share of different mattresses for cribs, cots and beds over the years). You can also get an amazing mattress protector from Little Green Sheep to fit the Snuz mattress which is the best I've come across... no plasticy, crinkly waterproof sheet here, it's completely cotton covered with an absorbent layer in between. If you didn't know it was a waterproof mattress protector you'd just think it was a little undersheet, and when we make the move to a cot I will definitely be buying one in a bigger size.

The team at Snuz have also introduced Designz fairly recently, which is their own range of beautiful patterned bedding to fit the SnuzPod. We have the Cloud Nine set, which is a great gender-neutral design with stars and clouds in a yellow, white and grey colour palette. I'm a little obsessed with clouds and with yellow at the moment, so the bedding gets a massive thumbs up from me for those two things alone. But as well as that, the fabric is a lovely soft cotton jersey that washes brilliantly and comes out like new every single time. All three designs are lovely, bright and fun and I love that it makes the sleeping space look a little more exciting that just plain sheets.

In short, it kind of feels like Snuz have thought of everything when it comes to the SnuzPod. And as we are approaching the end of our time using the SnuzPod I honestly find myself a bit devastated. I appreciate that sounds crazy... but its been such a massive part of the baby days for us, and I'll be sad to not have my little girly right next to me each night. I'll be sad to see the Snuz go away simply because I love it so much; I love seeing her snoozing happily in it, I love how it looks, and I love what a brilliant product it has been for us as a family. And although she can't say as much, I'm pretty sure that Ashlyn is going to miss it too; she'll miss the comfort of her soft mattress, the pretty patterns of her sheets and the place that has been her own little haven ever since she was born.


  1. Ahh Lucy, this looks fab. Those photo's of Ashlyn asleep are just dreamy. We've bought the Chicco next to me for baby number two, but only because my friend was selling his. Had I not have got that, then the snuzpod was definitely at the top of my list :) xx

    1. I'm honestly so in love with having a bed side crib, and wish I'd had it for all of them. I will be devastated when she has to move out of it soon. x


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