you are two months old {dear beautiful little lady}

dear beautiful little lady

As I sit writing you this letter you are sitting in your chair by my side. The change in you this past month has been remarkable, and totally magical, with your personality coming out more and more. While I write this I can see out of the corner of my eye that you are staring at me intently, willing me to look your way, and as soon as I do your little face lights up in the biggest smile.

You are such a smiley little girl. While your brother would smile for anyone as a baby, your sister was more discerning about who earned one of her baby smiles. The jury is still out on which camp you'll fall into, although I'm inclined to think it'll be the first. You seem to have so many different smiles: a cheeky, coy looking hidden lips smile; a little one sided smile that then spreads to other side too; a big wide open mouthed smile where it almost seems like you're laughing, only without any noise; and sometimes you simply smile with your eyes with a little twinkly look. It's clear to see that you are a happy little lady, that's for sure.

It hasn't all be sunshine and rainbows though, and in the past month you've had your first cold, which resulted in you going to hospital. With a high temperature, a nasty cough and lack of appetite the out of hours doctors wasn't happy and insisted that a paramedic see you, who promptly decided that they wanted you checked in hospital. So after a little ride in an ambulance and a thorough check over we were basically told to give you lots of tender loving care and to keep a close eye on you. It was simply a cold caught off your big siblings, but which developed into bronchiolitis in your tiny, new little lungs. Fortunately after a few days your started fighting it off and got back to normal again. 

You also had your jabs at eight weeks which were horrible. Vaccination time is never nice for either mummy or baby, but you seemed to have a pretty tough time with it and were so sad and poorly for 24 hours and really out of sorts for a full 48 hours. It absolutely broke my heart to see you so sad and sorry for yourself and not be able to help you. You were unsettled in the evening and into the night, and ended up only sleeping when you could be curled up on my chest. But I certainly didn't complain about the extra cuddles, and I just held on to the fact that just being near me seemed to be some comfort.

You will watch us all now, enjoying the crazy entertainment that your brother and sister provide, following Daddy around the room with your eyes, and generally keeping me within your sights at all times.  In the last week or so we've seen some little hints of separation anxiety and it would seem that you like to know where I am most of the time, and one guaranteed to way to upset your contented nature is to take you out of my company for anything more than a few moments. 

You're continuing to sleep like a total dream baby; our regular little sleeping beauty. You go to bed a little earlier now than you were last month, with you generally down for the night some time between 7:30 and 8, and then you're pretty consistent about doing one long stretch of between 8 and 10 hours, to take us though until the early hours of the morning, when you'll have a quick feed and then go back to bed for another doze. We're still swaddling you for sleep in a zip up swaddled which makes you look like a little peanut. Swaddling definitely helps you to sleep longer and you do the funniest little excited stretch when we start zipping you in like you just can't wait to be snuggled inside.

You quite simply love your sleep. And just generally love being at home. While you will nap in the car a little, you without doubt much prefer to sleep in your co sleeper crib and just hang out at home enjoying your home comforts of mummy cuddles, milk and bed whenever you want it. Which to be fair, is a pretty charmed existence really, so who can blame you.

We've been trying to adopt the idea of embracing your first three months as the fourth trimester, and it's certainly agreeing with us all. We're basically following your lead, going with the flow and responding to what you need when you need it. Which basically means no attempt at finding a schedule yet for bedtime, nap times or feeding, keeping you near to me at all times and basically keeping in mind at all times that you're very new in this big bad world and trying to keep your life as warm, comfy, satisfying and "womb-like" as we're able. Funnily enough, while we aren't aiming for a routine just yet, you do seem to be finding your own to some degree and I definitely think we'll be continuing to take your lead for the foreseeable future, given how happy and chilled out you are.

You are so so loved beautiful little missy, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I got to have you as my baby girl.

Love you to the stars and back 

mummy xxx

You can read her one month letter here and compare her monthly photos. She's already grown so much. 

A second month in photos


  1. Oh just look at her. She's really beautiful isn't she? She does remind me of her sister a lot, but is her own self too. I always feel so emotional when I see babies at two months, as I can't help but be taken back to Bill at that age. But the best part for me is seeing her with you and knowing I get to do that this time around. And with Bill by my side as well. Now, Lucy, you must tell me where the little hat and legging sets are from! xx

  2. She's got so much bigger and she looks just like her siblings. Such a gorgeous dot! I love the fourth trimester idea and I think that is something we did without having a name for it - no routines, just going with the flow. It definitely worked for us. You guys are going to have such a magical Christmas this year x

  3. She has grown up so much in just two months. It's gone by so fast. I feel like I was just hearing you were having her and now 2 months. Where does the time go. Her smiles are truly amazing and it was such an honor and a pleasure to meet her the other day thank you so much. I needed a Lucy hug too. :) Glad she is sleeping great for you and following her lead is best to the sounds of it darling enjoy it all. ;)

  4. I was going to say thank you for the 8 week vaccination reminder, then I kept reading and now I don't want to make the appointment (7 weeks tomorrow!) :-((((

  5. Oh Lucy these pictures are making me feel so excited!! I'm loving all the baby pictures, she's absolutely gorgeous - just like her beautiful brother and sister. I'm late again with my #siblings post but I'm about to do it now ; )

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xxx


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