him and her and her {week fifty}

he made us so proud in his school nativity,
speaking all his narrator words clearly and loudly,
and singing every word of the songs with actions too.

she is a little obsessed with Peppa Pig,
and on more than one day this week
has insisted that she is Peppa and we all had to play along.

she had her eight week jabs
and really suffered with them the poor little mite,
but still managed to practise lots of smiles for everyone.

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  1. oh bless them all so adorable in their cute little outfits. Love how much bigger BB and BG look and seem now that there is a newborn in the mix too. It's funny how that happens. They seem to grow up overnight don't they? Little princess really is getting so big herself. How does it go so fast? She is the perfect mix of both her siblings but looking more and more like BG every single day. Just gorgeous.


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