me and mine {december}

Daddy is loving
* seeing the kids' faces of wonder on the 25th.
* mini eggs back in the shops (which he also said in December 2013).
* eating Christmas dinner.
* new slippers.
* party with the extended family.

Mummy is loving
* celebrating our first Christmas as a five.
* her new rings.
* having lots of lovely family time over the holidays.
* practically everything in Next's new season of children's clothes.
* getting to be proud mama watching the big kids in their nativities.

The beautiful boy is loving
* absolutely everything about Christmas.
* being a narrator in the school nativity.
* watching videos about the solar system on YouTube.
* his new globe and atlas books.
* drawing pictures of his family.

The beautiful girl is loving
* that she finally got the Sylvanian Families otters for Christmas.
* dressing up clothes.
* her angel dress for the preschool nativity.
* eating popcorn and chocolate for breakfast.
* singing "Hello" by Adele.

The beautiful little lady is watching
* sleeping in her peanut swaddle.
* her Lamaze flower garden.
* sleeping in her snuzpod.
* practising her big beaming grins.
* just generally sleeping!

Damn you Christmas for being in December when the light is so bad. Our Me and Mine photos for December simply have to be from Christmas morning... because for me that's the very best bit. Yes we may still be a bit sleepy eyed, a bit bed-headed and barely awake (except for me, I was awake nearly two hours before anyone else decided to leave dream land and join the fun) but Christmas morning is when the excitement levels are sky high, and the magic is almost tangible. It won't stop me wishing that it was just a little brighter in our living room however. Ho hum, thats English winter for you I guess. It's part of what makes Christmas the twinkly, cosy, family holiday that I love so much. And Christmas is full of those quintessential family moments that simply scream out to be captured for posterity; silly festive hats in front of the christmas tree, christmas jimjams and stocking wrappings in Mummy and Daddy's bed, and the traditional new Christmas day outfits shot.

And so that's 2015 done and dusted. And another year of Me and Mine completed with it. This year saw a little line up change in our family photos, and one we simply could not be happier about. Although it seems totally mad to me that our littlest one is in three quarters of the photos... how can that be possible when she is still so new? It's been a quieter year for us this year, with less of our portraits taken off on adventures and more of them taken close to home. But it's been an amazing year for our family, and I couldn't be happier that we get to capture our life as a five right from the very beginning in our monthly family photos.

And woah, can we just take a minute for anyone who has been with this project from the start? It's been three years since I hatched a little idea, and 36 months later I haven't regretted it for a second. And I think if you've travelled along this journey with us then you deserve a big pat on the back. Maybe you started at the very beginning and you've done three years too, maybe you've just been joining in this past year and are celebrating with 12 photos under your belt this month, or maybe you just started... wherever you are in this project I hope it gives you all the warm and fuzzies that it gives me, and well done you, for making the effort to take those photos.

Now forgive me while I indulge in a little trip down memory lane...

 2013's Me and Mine photos... our first full year as a four, and one that saw our beautiful girl turn from baby to little girl.

2014's Me and Mine photos... an amazing year full of adventures and a little boy who lost his toddler look with every passing month.

and 2015's Me and Mine photos... a year that saw one very big and very special change, and a lot of fun and smiles along the way.

Capturing these memories of us all together has such a big place in my heart now. It's far too easy to snap away and take a hundred photos of the children, while hiding behind the camera myself. But I'm so proud of my little family, and nothing shouts that pride louder than getting us all together and capturing a moment in time that we never get to have again. I love the idea that a photo is a return ticket to a moment otherwise lost to the memory, and looking back over three years worth of our family photos is just so packed full of memories. Memories that I know I would likely have forgotten if the photos didn't exist. Memories that I'll forever be glad we made. So you'd better believe we'll be back next year for year four. Are you joining me? 

This year Me and Mine has been cohosted by Alex, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy. Do pop by all their blogs and see how their December's were too.

dear beautiful


  1. Oh wow that is a trip down memory lane! My first me and mine has a six month old Elma in it and she's three in this month's picture which completely blows my mind! And yes English weather that didn't get the memo this year - doesn't it know Christmas is supposed to be brilliantly sunny so we can get all the photos we want!! But the magic and excitement is definitely there, even if your littlest lady does look a little bemused at her hat!!

  2. Beautiful shots of your gorgeous family as always Lucy. Thank you for starting this wonderful project, I have loved joining in over the past year as it is such a gorgeous record of the way we change and grow as a family. Looking forward to joining in again in 2016 xx

  3. How lovely to look back over your three years of Me and Mine photos and see the changes in your family over that time - especially the big one towards the end of this year! I always find the poor light on Christmas Day frustrating too - it's a day that just has to be captured in photos even if they're not the best quality ones though! So lovely to see the photos of you enjoying your first Christmas as a five and sounds like it was a good one. Thank you for hosting this linky - I love joining in each month and look forward to continuing in 2016 :-)

  4. I loved looking over all of your pictures, they're all so beautiful and watching the children grow is so wonderful! I'm so glad I started joining in this year, so I can hopefully have my own to look back on in years to come xx

  5. I love love love these pictures. It is so lovely to see you as a five. It make me smile to see just how happy you all are xxx

  6. That is amazing to be able to look back at all your photos like that. In fact I think it was looking at your collection in the first place that made me want to join in with Me and Mine. You have some gorgeous Christmas photos this month, love the one with the hats! xx Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

  7. Thank you so much for creating this linkup and project, this is my first year of it and I have loved it! It is so special to have these pictures and also to look back at them. I love seeing yours all put together. I have also done a 'picture a day project' so I am going to create a photobook with them all in, including my monthly Me and Mine photo. What a special memory book. Thank you again

  8. I have watched the me and mine link up throughout the year as I've entered the blogging world and it's something that resonates with me as I'm always stuck behind the camera (through choice). Your family of 5 looks beautiful and I Plan on joining in with this link up from January x

  9. Lots of gorgeous photos! An amazing round up. So nice to see how your family has grown over the years. Hope you have a wonderful new year 2016 x

  10. Omg gorgeous, amazing, lovely and sweet do I need to say more I absolutely love these and this project and I can't wait to be apart of it again next year for another amazing year of me and mine hunny. Thank you so much for creating something that makes me capture all of us at least once a month as I normally wouldn't have. Love looking over the whole year and amazing you have done it for so long. Great to see so many amazing captures and smiles together.

  11. Wow so many me and mines and how your family has changed! Just brilliant! Thank you so much for starting this,it has been such a pleasure to join in each month. Have a fab New Years xx

  12. Oh how wonderful, your photographs are beautiful Lucy and I've loved taking part in the project this year. Thank you for opening it up. We've created lots of lovely family shots this year and that's definitely something we're going to continue doing next year. Wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy New Year xx

  13. Aaah these are lovely, you make the cutest family of five! Also, mini eggs in the shops!!! HOW did I not know this?!! xx

  14. I always love your photos. They are so bright and clear and high res. Gorgeous. The little lady is a cute addition to the family. I have linked up for the last time this year. :) I am hoping to improve the family photography a bit for the new year.

  15. What an amazing collection of pictures! Thank you for hosting such an awesome project! I've taken a bit of a blogging break recently, but I made sure I got my me and mine picture for December- I've absolutely loved taking our pictures for the last 6 months. Xx

  16. Lovely photos as always, I love joining in with Me and Mine, and cannot wait to carry on linking up into 2016, thankyou for hosting. x

  17. Happy new year to you and yours! :)

    I started joining in with Me & Mine about half way through this year and I'm so glad I did. I don't think we'd have hardly any family photos of us otherwise. Thanks so much for hosting. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  18. Ah I love these, little lady fits in perfectly to your tribe and it's been so exciting to see! Lovely round up and years of reflection. Just wonderful, happy new year xx

  19. Such beautiful captures in December and a gorgeous round up of photo's from 3 years. I'm so excited to join in again this year x

  20. Happy New Year, I just love Me and Mine for all the reasons you have said Lucy. I never used to make the effort to get that many family photos before and this makes me I love, love, love it. Looking back as your last 3 years is just beautiful. I am so thrilled at having completed nearly a year, yours are stunning xx

  21. Lovely photos and sounds like a lovely December xx

  22. You have such a beautiful family and some stunning photos to capture those memories.

  23. As always, stunning family pictures! Your Me and Mine feature is such a brilliant idea! I love that we are now "forced" to take family pictures every month - such brilliant memories to look back on. Happy New Year!!

  24. Yes, I'm in!!! I've managed most months this year (with the exception of November -I think) and have really enjoyed the challenge and excuse to get a photo of all four of us. The girls are growing and changing so much at the moment, even looking back at the pictures from the beginning of last year shows such a massive change.

    Your pictures and captures are beautiful and seeing your family grow to the magic five makes me feel so excited, as I've told you many times. I can't believe how similar your girls look as babies, they could almost be the same baby!! #meandmine xx

  25. I loved joining in with this last year, I only missed one month but its made me more determined and now I know how important it is. Having the photos to look back on are priceless! xx


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