him and her {week thirty-two}

he could talk the hind legs off a donkey,
loves candlelit dinners,
and is thoroughly loving summer holiday adventures with his little sis.

she is the best little mini mummy that ever there was,
is obsessed with dry roasted peanuts,
and loves waking mummy in the mornings when she creeps into bed for a cuddle.


  1. Oh sunflowers and blue beauties what lovely photos this week. Loving how much older and bigger they are looking lately. They are growing up way too fast Lucy make them stop. Can't wait to get the kids together again and see how much they have all changed together with Flump in the mix and maybe a third for me too hahahaha Love BB personality and the fun facial expressions he always has. I wish we could have some roasted peanuts that would be amazing my favorite too. BG has great taste! lol

  2. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS FLOWER FIELDS!! We went to our local wildflower field last weekend but was completely bare! x

  3. Oh my goodness! Where are these fields of flowers? I must see if we have anything other than fields of sheep and cows near me!


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