farewell to the summer

Just because its summer. And because there is simply no such thing as too much beach spam if you ask me. I bring you yet another beachy adventure. This time lady luck was seriously on our side, because we booked our 'farewell summer' beach hut day back in the winter and while the days either side of our little trip were overcast, wet and a bit cold, the day of the trip dawned with blue sky, bright sunshine and it was so hot that I think we were definitely in the best place; enjoying the coastal breeze with natures paddling pool a few feet away.

The 'farewell summer' outing is kind of a newish tradition we have started. We booked a beach hut for the end of August last year so that we could enjoy one last big summer day out before September arrived. Do go and have a look at last year's beach hut photos, I'm actually amazed how much my baby girl has changed in a year. And we enjoyed it last year so much that we decided to do it again... and I definitely can see it being one of 'our things' to mark the end of the summer holidays.

I think the photos will tell you all you need to know about our day really. It was such a glorious day and one I know we'll all remember as the nights grow darker, we head back to school routines and the autumn kicks in. 

 ^ you can't argue with that view for the day
 ^ apparently baseball caps are lunchtime uniform
 ^ he looks like such a beach bum with his blonde surfer hair
 ^ she would dig and search for stones and shells all day long
 ^ Rich did the stereotypical 'dad thing' of digging a hole... no the children were not allowed to help!!!
 ^ "do you like the beach little man?" " yes it makes me do this."
 ^ burying someone is kind of obligatory, right?
 ^ this kid is seriously such a water baby, he wants to paddle as soon as he sees the sea, and it's always seconds between a quick toe paddle and him throwing his whole body in the water.
 ^ this one on the other hand, needs breaking in more gently when it comes to the sea
 ^ I wonder who his water baby ways, come from...?
 ^ once she realises how fun it is though, there is no stopping her
 ^ they would have laid like this all day if they could
 ^ apparently she was being a mermaid
 ^ back to our beach hut to dry off and watch the world go by
^ I just love this snap of me and my girl


  1. Such gorgeous photos. Looks like you are making the most of the summer x

  2. Ahhh Lucy this is such a beautiful post and lovely captures all of you playing on the beach. Good way to say goodbye to summer too. So gorgeous and you look amazing with your little bump Flump. I am so excited for you so soon....there will be five of you!!!! Whooop Whooop... Making me miss our beach days back home already hahahaha

  3. They are so alike. I just love the way their hair is exactly the same colour. What a lovely place to visit.

  4. Such beautiful pictures and you look amazing. Bump has really come out now :) Bet your excited about becoming a 5. What beach huts are these? Looks like a lot of fun to spend there. May be something to look into for next year considering I think we have officially said goodbye to summer now x


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